Brother Printer Not Responding On Mac | How To Fix?

When the brother printer is not responding on the Mac computer, you won’t be able to print or scan anything from your machine.
So I can assume how frustrating that moment will be for you? That’s why I am sharing an article about how to fix a brother printer that is not responding on the Mac PC? If you are currently having trouble printing or scanning the documents. Please follow the instructions given below.

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Why does my brother printer not respond on the Mac book PC?

The brother printer usually does not work on the Mac because of the communication problem. When your brother printer is offline, or Mac cannot ping from it, your pc will show not responding error.
Besides this, Mac PC can also pop up the printer not responding error for the following reasons.

  • USB wire is not connected.
  • Printer and Mac PC are on a different network.
  • problem found with the printer driver
  • Printer or Mac requires an update

Brother printer not responding on mac

How do I fix my brother printer not responding error on the Mac computer?

Whenever the brother printer is not printing From The Mac Computer, you should power cycle the printer and computer once.
After rebooting the PC & printer, you need to give new print command. Let’s see whether it is printing now or still showing the not responding error on your Mac computer.
If that does not work for you yet, you need to follow the steps given below.

The printer is in idle mode –

When a printer is in sleep or idle mode, it may not respond to the command given by the Mac computers. You have to wake up your printer at such a point in time. Once your machine is ready, you need to provide new print command.

Cancel the print Jobs-

Let’s cancel all print jobs on the Mac that are pending in the queue.

  • Go to the system preferences.
  • Click on the printers & scanners, Print & scan.
  • Now click on the open print queue.
  • Click on the X button.

Disconnect & reconnect the USB wire-

Please check the connection if you are using the printer on the Mac pc via USB wire. So, I recommend you disconnect the printer; now reconnect the printer again.

Also, ensure that the USB wire is in good condition. If the cable is broken or some parts show incorrect username or password errors. You need to replace It on your computer.

Check the Wireless Connection-

When Mac uses the brother machine through WIFI, please check the Wi-Fi connection.

Be sure that your printer & computers are available on a similar network. So go ahead and set up the WIFI connection on your brother printer.

In case if brother printer is not connecting to the WIFI, reset the network settings. Now try to join the network again.

Re-add the printer –

When the brother printer is not responding on Mac, it is connected to the pc. You should remove the Mac from your pc and re-add the printer.

  • Open the System preferences.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners, Print & scan
  • Select the brother printer.
  • Click on the – Icon.
  • After removing the printer, you need to restart the computer again.
  • Now go back to the printers & scanners, Print & scan.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • Select your printer from the search list.
  • Press the Add button.

Update the firmware on your printer

A printer running on an old firmware version may not respond to all commands appropriately. Do to which you might say brother printer not responding error on Mac.

In such a case, you must update the firmware version on your brother printer. Right after that, your printer will start working fine.

To update a printer, you need to download Mac’s brother firmware update tool. Now run it on your PC.

Reset the brother printer

If you have updated the brother printer, it is still not responding on the Mac computer. I would suggest you restore your printer to the factory settings.

  • Power on the brother printer
  • click on the menu
  • now go to the initial setup,
  • Go down using the arrow and click on the reset.
  • Now click on the factory to restore all settings to default.

Finally, your printer will restore all settings to the default. You may now go ahead and set up your printer on the Mac computer once again.

After setting up your printer, you must give new print command. It should now be printing without any interruption.

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