Enable Or Disable The Less Secure Apps In Gmail Account?

Nowadays, Google has dedicated itself to giving better security to its users. Because of this, they are identifying and fixing new security every day and launching new security features. 

They also have disabled access to all less secure apps. Due to this, you cannot configure the account on third-party mail by using the regular password. Technically, it is an excellent initiative to protect your account from being compromised. But what if you want to set up the Gmail account on windows 10 mail or outlook mail application?

 In such a case, you must enable the less secure apps from Gmail security settings.

Unless you have enabled the Less Secure App feature, you won’t be able to configure Gmail in Windows 10 Mail or Outlook. So do you want to know how to enable the less secure apps on Gmail? Simply follow this guide.

enable less secure apps in gmail

How do I Enable or disable the less secure apps on my Google account? 

If you want to enable or disable less secure apps in your Gmail account, follow the steps below.

  • Open a browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Now go to gmail.com.
  • Here you have to log in to your Gmail account by clicking on the Sign In button (if you can’t access the Gmail account, check your username and password).
  • Now click on the Profile button present on the top right side of the mailbox.
  • Click on the Manage Your Google Account button.
  • Now click on the Security tab on the left.
  • Now go to the Less Secure App section. If you want to enable this, click on the Turn on Access option.
  • Now press the slide on the right side to enable the Less Secure App feature.

Similarly, if you want to disable this feature, press slide to the left.

Which apps does Google consider to be less secure? 

Those applications do not follow modern security standards such as SSL, Oauth, etc., or have a high risk of compromising the account. That’s why google considers them the less secure app and blocks them. For example:

  • Third-party mail client programs such as Outlook 2013 or earlier, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other programs.
  • Apple Mail versions prior to 6.0 

Because of this, all companies have upgraded their applications according to modern security standards. If you’re using the latest version of Outlook or another mail program, it will not be blocked from syncing to the Gmail servers.

Is it safe to enable the less secure apps on Gmail? 

When mail applications don’t match Gmail’s security standards, your account is more likely to be compromised. So you have to use this feature at your own risk. However, you can add some enhance your computer security to get your Gmail account protected. 

  • First of all, protect your computer with a password.
  • Allow the app only those features you need, such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  • Before configuring an account in any application, ensure it is not exposing the Gmail username and password.

Why can’t I see the allow less secure apps option in my Gmail account? 

If your Gmail account isn’t showing the less secure apps option, you may have enabled two-step security on your account. Due to this, this feature will be disabled automatically.

If you need this feature, you can install new security by disabling the two-step security option. 

  • Open the Gmail account
  • Click on the profile pic and then click on the manage your google account
  • Click on the security tab. 
  • Go to the two-step security option, and then press the turn-off button. 

Is the Gmail app secure to use? 

The Gmail application helps access the Gmail account from iPhone, android phone, or other smart devices. 

So they have already built up the app according to modern security standards. So, In my opinion, Yes! It is safe to use. 

How do I Enable the Less secure apps on the G SUITE? 

Google has disabled the less secure apps for G-Suite. So you won’t be able to use it on the google platform. 

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