How To Unshare Calendar In Outlook?

There was a time When we had to use the physical calendar to plan our day. But as the technology boomed, we got the calendar in the form of software on our computer, and now it is available in the email.

Microsoft has integrated the calendar in outlook OWA and application. You can not just plan your day but also share it with your collogues. So they can work as per plan when you share the outlook calendar with someone. You have complete control to block or unshared the calendar with them.

If you’ve shared your calendar with someone who doesn’t need it. So you can delete their email address by going to Permission so that your Outlook calendar will be unshared from them.


How To Unshare Calendar In Outlook OWA?

If you had shared some calendar or even previously in the Outlook web app and now want to unshare it. You should follow the steps given below.

  • Let’s Open the browser on your PC or smartphone.
  • Go to the website. Here, you need to sign in to your outlook account.
  • Once you see the outlook page, you need to click on the calendar from the left pane.Outlook webmail
  • Now select your calendar that you want to unshare.
  • Click on the share button available at the top right corner.
  • share calendarPress the delete button available next to each email address.delete share account

Once you remove all email addresses or names from the share window, you need to click on the close the window.

How to Unshare calendar in outlook 365 or 2019 mail application? 

You need to follow these steps to unshare the calendar in the outlook mail application.

  • Open the Outlook application. (Start >> All Apps >> Microsoft Office >> Microsoft outlook)
  • Click on the calendar tab. 
  • Now Select the calendar that you want to unshare. 
  • Click on the calendar permission button. outlook permissions, how to unshare calendar in outlook
  • Here, you need to select each account and press the remove button. unshare calendar in outlook
  • Once all third-party accounts are removed from the outlook application, you need to press the ok button. 

How To Unshare Calendar on iPhone Or Android Phone? 

If you are using the outlook Android or iOS app, you can unshare the calendar using these tricks. 

For android phone users- 

  • Open the Outlook app on your android phone. 
  • Now tap on the calendars
  • Here, you need to tap on the Outlook profile picture. 
  • Now press the settings button available next to the calendar. 
  • Tap on the email account that you want to remove.
  • Finally, Press the Remove account button. 

For iPhone Users- 

  • Open the Outlook app on the iPhone. 
  • Tap on the calendars
  • Press the profile picture
  • Click on the settings
  • Select the edit button. 
  • Press the done button. 

How to remove a person from the shared calendar in outlook? 

You need to check that account when you want to remove a specific person from the shared calendar in the outlook application.

For webmail- 

  • Open the outlook OWA website.
  • Sign in to the outlook account.
  • Click on the calendar tab. 
  • Press the share button. 
  • Now press the delete button available next to the persons name or email address. 

For Outlook Application- 

  • Open the Outlook Application
  • Click on the Calendar tab. 
  • Now Press the Calendar permissions button. 
  • Select the user name that you want to remove
  • Now click on the remove button. 
  • Press the ok button. 

Finally, you have removed the person from the shared calendar on outlook. 

So these are the steps to share or unshare the calendar in outlook. In case you want to edit the calendar in the outlook account. You need to click on the permissions. Now select the account and then press the edit button. Here, you can edit the permissions. 

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