How To Change Default Browser In Outlook?

set default browser in outlook application

When you click on any URL on the outlook application, It will open on the default browser. Now, this computer can be different according to your computer. Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge will be your default browser if you are using a Windows computer. In comparison, Safari will play the role of the default browser … Read more

How To Change Language On Yahoo Mail?

How to change the language on yahoo mail?

Yahoo has always tried to make its platform user friendly in a positive manner. That’s why they have added the option to change the Language and the UI/UX feature. So you can easily use it in your regional Language.  So If you want to use the yahoo mail in your local/regional Language but don’t know … Read more

[Best*] How To Block Someone On Yahoo Mail?

How to block someone on yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is prominently focusing on providing a spam-free experience to its users. That’s why they provide many features like- filters, blocking addresses etc. Through this, users can stay away from spam emails and spammers.  Believe it or not, these features are pretty effective in keeping your mailbox junk-free. All you have to do is … Read more