Why AOL Contacts Missing From My Account?

AOL mail has given a contact feature, you can easily save the contact details of a person. when you need to send them an aol, you don’t have to open the diary to see their contact details. you can easily get their contact details by logging into their aol account.

But sometimes, AOL users might complain about missing contacts issue, when they go to the contact section in the AOL mail. It will appear as a blank page.

What happened to my all my aol contacts? Why are my contact missing from my account?

Generally, aol contact disappears only when you have deleted them purposely or there is an issue with the aol contact details. but apart from that it might get disappeared because of the server, network or application glitch.

AOL contacts Missing

How do I restore my AOL contacts that are missing from my account?

Reload the page-

When AOL contacts are missing from the webmail. You should reload the page. Most probably, the contact page is not page is not loaded properly. Also, you can sign out the aol account and then sign in again.

Restore the contacts-

If contacts have been deleted from the AOL account. you don’t have an idea about how to restore them. Here are the guide to retrieve the missing contacts on AOL.

  • Open the browser on the computer or smartphone.
  • Go to the mail.aol.com and log into your account.
  • Click on the contacts button available below the mailbox.
  • Now press the more button.
  • Click on the restore option.
  • Select the date, and press the restore button.
  • Now, AOL servers will restore the missing contacts.

Check the Internet connection –

So many times, Browsers are unable to load the aol contacts because of the internet connection issue. so you need to verify the internet connection.

Also, If VPN or proxy servers are active into your device, you need to deactivate them.

Optimize the browser-

If your browser is having problem in loading the aol address book.  You need to optimize the browser. so do the following things.

  • Clear the browsing data (cookies, cache, history and other types of data)
  • Uninstall the plug ins from the browser.
  • Update the browser.
  • If None of these things works for you, perform the factory reset on the browser.

Why Are AOL contacts are missing from the iPhone?

Turn on the contact syncing feature-

 If contacts are available in the aol mailbox but they are missing on the iphone. Chances are you have not turned on the syncing for contacts. That’s why Iphone is not showing the AOL contacts. So go to the settings and enable the turn on the contact syncing by following the steps given below.

  • Open the AOL Mail account.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Tap on the contacts.
  • Now tap on the accounts.
  • Here, you need to tap on the AOL account.
  • Turn on the sync contact feature.

Remove and re-add the account-

If AOL contacts are missing and it is showing the syncing error. It means, the login credentials are invalid that’s why it can’t get into the aol mail account on iPhone. so you need to remove the aol account from the phone and then re-add it again. Now retry to access the aol mail account again.

How to restore the missing AOL contacts on the Third party mail application- outlook, windows 10 mail?

If AOL contacts has been disappeared from the outlook or other application but they are available in the webmail. There are to methods of retrieving the missing contact details on these applications.

  1. Use PST Back up files for recovery.
  2. Export a CSV file from the aol , and import it on the aol account.

Use PST files for recovery-

If you have a PST recovery file available in the computer. you can easily recover the lost contacts by using importing this file on the outlook.

  • Open the outlook application.
  • Click on the files.
  • Press open & Export option.
  • Click on the import & Export option.
  • Select the import from another program or files.
  • Press the next button.
  • Now click on the PST files, and click on the next button again.
  • Select the file location and then Click on the next button.

Finally, the data will be restored on the outlook.

Import contacts from aol Account-

In case, if you don’t have the back up of PST files, you can import the data directly from the AOL webmail. Here are the steps for that.

Export a contact file from aol –

  • Open the aol mail account on the browser.
  • Click on the contacts.
  • Press the more button.
  • Now click on the export button.
  • Select the File format as CSV.

Import the contacts on outlook application-

Once you will export the files successfully, It’s a time to import the contacts on the outlook. So follow the steps given below.

  • Open the outlook application.
  • Click on the files and go to the open & export section.
  • Click on the import/export button.
  • Press the import from another program of files.
  • Select comma separated files.
  • Choose the files and then press the next button.

So these are the steps to retrieve the lost contacts on aol mail account. in case, if you are dealing with the aol mail account. please visit us for more help.

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