Why does my text disappears when typing in outlook?

Microsoft outlook is one of the best third-party mail applications for computers and smartphones. That makes our job easy in reading and writing emails. Composing an email on the outlook application is as simple as doing it on the webmail. Still, some users might experience weird trouble while composing a new message. When they write a new message, the text disappears when typing in outlook. 

Usually, The text disappears when typing in outlook due to the overtyping issue. When overtyping is turned on the outlook, It will write over the existing characters or words. Due to this, the previous words will disappear from the compose box. 

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How do I turn off the Overtype in outlook?

To Disable the Overtype on the outlook application, you must press the insert button to disable the overtype mode; however, if you want to completely disable it on the outlook application. You need to follow the steps given below. 

  • Open the Outlook application
  • Click on the files
  • Now go to the options
  • Here, you need to click on the mail option
  •  Once you see the mail window, you need to click on the editor options button. 
  • Now select the advanced option from the left pane. 
  • Uncheck the Use the insert key to control overtype mode. 
  • Now uncheck the Use overtype mode
  • Press the ok button. 

What is the difference between Overtype and inserting text? 

The inserting mode will add the text in the space, and it will not remove the text from the computer. While the overtyping mode will replace the existing text. 

Where is the insert button on the keyboard? 

The location of the insert button might vary according to your keyboard model. While in most keyboards, the insert can be found on the right side on the top row. 

How Do I switch between insert mode and overtype mode? 

This can be done by using the insert button on your keyboard if you are into the overtype mode and want to go to the insert mode. You need to press the insert button. 

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