How Do I Forward Emails From One Gmail Account To Another?

How to enable auto forwarding in Gmail? 

  • Open the Gmail account in the browser.
  • Click on the Settings >> see all settings.
  • Click on the forwarding & Pop/Imap Settings tab.
  • Press the add a forwarding address button.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the verification code received on that email.
  • Finally, the forwarding will be activated.

Auto forwarding feature in Gmail is considered as the boon for those who have to manage multiple email accounts at a time. 

Through this feature, they can send incoming emails to all their accounts on one account. Which will not only help in engagement but will also save you a lot of time.

But many Gmail users have no idea about auto forwarding and they do not know how to use this feature. To help all of them, I am publishing this article. Which will answer your questions related to auto forwarding in Gmail. for example :

  • what is auto forwarding in Gmail? 
  • how do enable or disable the auto forwarding in Gmail account?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of Auto forwarding? 

Gmail forwarding

What is email forwarding in Gmail? 

Email auto forwarding is a feature in the Gmail account that allows you to deliver the incoming emails on another address. 

Let’s say you have two Gmail accounts, one of which you use regularly but you don’t log into the other account regularly. Due to which, you might not be able to track the latest incoming emails. In that case, you can activate the forwarding on that Gmail account. So that whenever someone sends you a message on that email account, it will go directly to your Gmail account that you use regularly.

How To Forward Emails From Gmail To Another Email Account- 

Note: You can use the auto forwarding feature using the website on your computer or laptop only. This feature is not available on the Gmail mobile application. Turn on the Gmail forwarding settings- 

  • Let’s go to the website using the computer or laptop.
  • Sign in to the Gmail account using the correct email address and password. If you face difficulty in login process, please visit: why I can’t sign into the Gmail account? 
  • Now click on the settings (little gear) icon from the top of the mailbox.
  • Press the  ‘See all settings’ accessible from settings menu.Gmail settings
  • Now Click on the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.
  • Press the add a forwarding address button.Forwarding emails address
  • Type the email address, where you want to forward your emails, and Click on the next button.
  • Now you will see a confirmation process message; you need to click on the proceed button.Enter forwarding address
  • After pushing the proceed button, you need to sign in to another email account using different browser or device, where you have forwarded your emails.
  • Check the inbox folder; there you will receive a Gmail forwarding confirmation mail. Click on the link available in the mail, to confirm and start the forwarding settings.Enter forwarding address
  • Now you have to log in to your email account (through which you are forwarding your emails) again.
  • Go back to the forwarding & IMAP/pop settings.
  • There you will able to see an option says, “Forward a copy of incoming mail to “, you need to select this option, and click save settings.

After confirmation, you will start receiving forwarding emails from Gmail. In case you have any difficulty in receiving new emails. Please visit: Why is my Gmail not receiving emails?  

Forward specific emails to another email- 

Use the filter option to forward some specific kinds of emails only. When you would apply a filter on your Gmail all the email won’t transfer except the chosen sender.

You may create a filter for chosen emails and forward them to other Gmail addresses using the below techniques:

Enable forwarding address for gmail

  • Let’s go to the Gmail account using the computer or laptop.
  • Go to the settings >> see all settings option .
  • Choose the ‘Filters and blocked address’ tab.
  • Press the ‘Create a new filter’ button.
  • Further, fill the options according to what you do want to block or transfer.
  • Put a checkmark on forwarding its option, and select your email address, where you do want to forward these emails.
  • press create a filter button.

Once you create a new filter, your selected emails will be delivered to another address. The rest of the emails will receive into the same Gmail account.

Turn off forward Gmail to another account-

In case of don’t want to transfer the emails, disable the Gmail forwarding function. To execute this, you may apply this guide:

  1. Open the Gmail account on your computer and go to settings.
  2. Click on the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ menu.
  3. Disable the forwarding option by removing already applied forward settings.
  4. Now, Click on ‘Save Changes’ to confirm the stop forwarding.

Some frequently asked questions by Gmail users – 

Why am I getting a forwarding notice on my google account? 

When you enable the forwarding settings on your Gmail account, you will receive this message as a reminder. So you can remember that you have turned on the forwarding settings on your Gmail account.

Is it possible to keep the emails on my primary Gmail account and forward a copy of that mail to the other accounts? 

Yes, you can keep a copy of your email on the original account. For this, you should select keep Gmail’s copy from the dropdown menu. You will see this option under the forwarding settings.

Points To Remember Before Forwarding Gmail Account-

Before doing any changes on your Gmail account need to know about it very well. Please read below to avoid unwanted issues.

Pros of forwarding Gmail account- 

  • You will be able to see your all incoming emails at one account.
  • You don’t have to individually login your every account.
  • Save lots of time.

Cons Of Forwarding emails on another account- 

  • If the forwarding feature is not set up correctly, you do not receive any emails on Gmail account while your senders will receive a delivery failure message.

So, these are the pros and cons of forwarding emails. After applying ‘forwarding’ make sure it is working by sending a test email.

Further, you have any questions related to the forwarding or Gmail related issues, please give it to us via comment. We will answer it.

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