Why Is My Gmail Not Receiving Emails?

When you cannot receive emails in Gmail, there can be many reasons. Email filters and spam settings not working correctly are one of them. While there can be many other reasons for this, some of which are as follows:

Gmail not receiving emails
  • Filters are blocking the incoming messages.
  • Emails are being forwarded to another account.
  • Senders are blocked in Gmail.
  • Problem found at the browser or application side.
  • Antivirus, Firewall, & Proxies are blocking incoming & outgoing communication.
  • Account settings are out of date.
  • Mail application settings are incorrect. 
  • Gmail servers are down or updating.

How Do I Fix If Gmail not receiving emails?

Method 1 – Check the messages on Spam/ Trash Mail Folder-

When Gmail is not receiving emails in the inbox or specific folders/label. Your emails might be landing into the trash or spam archives.

So open the trash & junk folders. Now check, Do you find the new messages?

If you can see the new emails in the spam/trash folder, Let’s mark them as not spam. Now move them back into the inbox.

After doing that, you need to Go to the step 2.

Gmail spam
  • Open the Gmail Account.
  • Click on the Mail folder ( where you see your new email ).
  • Select the Mails.
  • Press the MoveTo.
  • Now select the inbox folder or other label. Where you want to Move in your mails.

Method 2 – Delete the Active Filters From Gmail-

So many times, Gmail users can’t receive emails due to the active mail filters. The active Gmail filters might be marking those messages as a spam or sending them to another destination.

So, you have to deactivate all active Gmail filters.

  • Open the browser In your Pc.
  • Go to the Gmail.com website.Gmail.com
  • Login to the Gmail account.Sign in password
  • Click on the Settings, looks like the gear icon at the right top corner.Gmail settings
  • A drop down menu will open.
  • Press the See all settings from the menu.see all settings
  • Click on the Filters and blocked addresses tab from the settings.Gmail filters are not working
  • Here you can find applied filters.
  • Select the filter and press the Delete.

Method 3- Mail Forwarding Can Move Your Gmail

Mail forwarding are beneficial for forwarding the incoming messages to different mail addresses.

So you won’t be able to get new emails into the inbox or other archives if Gmail forwarding is enabled. Use it only if you have multiple accounts and wish to manage them from one account. otherwise keep it disabled.

  • Open the Gmail account.
  • Go to Gmail Settings in Gmail.Gmail settings
  • Click the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab from the settings.
  • Here you can find all the forwarding if enable.Forwarding and imap rule
  • Choose the specific forwarding and Delete it.
  • Click on Save changes.

After turning off the forwarding, you may request the senders to send you a new test email.

Method 4- Unblock the Sender Or Domain- 

If you have blocked the domain by mistake. you won’t be able to receive the new emails from them. at such point of time, you have to unblock the domain on the Gmail.

  • Go to the Gmail settings.
  • Press See More Settings. see all settings
  • Click on the Filters & Blocked address.
  • Click on the unblock option.unblock the email account

Method 5- Maybe Gmail Server Is Down

Google always focus on keeping their server up to date due to the security. During the update period, the server may be down for couple of minutes/hours.

It may also vary on your Geo location and the size of the update. At such point of time, you may also have face the can’t sign into gmail

Gmail server down

Also, Your emails might get delayed due to the huge web traffic on the servers or a slow internet connection.

So you should wait or reach to the gmail’s twitter handle for the news and updates.

Method 6- Fix the Browser Issues Causing Gmail Problem-

As we all know, Every browser plays a vital role in surfing any website and email.

Due to which, Lots of spammers are trying to attack mail users through malicious extensions or scripts. So I will always advise you to avoid public network (hotel, school, airports network) for safety reasons.

Along with that, You should also clean the cache & cookies as well as remove the unverified extensions.

Also, You should also focus on updating the browser regularly. You can update the google chrome browser by applying the steps:

  • Open your google chrome browser.
  • Click on three vertical dots (menu) from the top right corner.
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • Click on Help and then About Google Chrome.Chrome update
  • A new chrome tab will start checking and updating your browser.

Method 7- Reset the browser-

If these steps doesn’t help you in receiving the emails on gmail.  You should factory reset the browser.

  • Open the Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the three dotted icon.
  • Press the settings.
  • Click on the advanced settings.
  • Now press the reset browser button.

Method 8 – Gmail Not Receiving Emails Due Storage Full

We all receive lots of emails every day. Few are useful and the rest of them are spam.

In case, you are not deleting them regularly, your mailbox storage will be full soon. When  gmail storage is full , you won’t be able receive a news due to the space issue.

So, you have to delete the useless messages from the mailbox. with that,  You should clear the space on google drive & other cloud services.

In case you don’t want to delete any item buy some extra google storage space.

Gmail storage full

How To Fix Gmail Is Not Getting Emails On iPhone

In case Gmail is not getting emails on the iPhone, please make these changes in the iPhone.

Step 1- Enable the Fetch Data- 

  • Open the Settings. 
  • Go to the Passwords & Accounts. 
  • Press the Fetch New Data.
  • Turn on the Fetch data.
  • Select The Automatically.

Step 2 – Reconfigure the Gmail account- 

  • Go to the iPhone’s settings.
  • Click on the Passwords & Accounts.
  • Tap on the Gmail account, and press the delete button.
  • Now, press the Add account button.
  • Select Gmail from the list.
  • Enter the email address or phone number of your Gmail account and press continue.
  • Enter the password for your Gmail account.

Gmail Is Not Receiving Emails From One Person

Whenever you are not receiving emails from the specific sender, Please confirm he/ she is typing your email address correctly.

The sender might have misspelled the address using the wrong punctuation.

You can send them a test email. Now, ask them to reply to the same message.

If you are still not getting emails from a specific person, please check the block settings.

Block settings have to inspect on both sides sender as well as the receiver’s Gmail account.

  1. Open Gmail Settings from the top right gear icon.
  2. Jump into the Filters and blocked address tab.
  3. If you can view the sender’s email address under the blocked address.
  4. press the Unblock button.

Why Is Gmail not receiving emails from yahoo mail?

If you have synced a yahoo account with Gmail but can’t receive the emails on this account. you should check the sync settings.

For more details, you can visit: why is Gmail not receiving emails from yahoo?

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  1. Damien R. Olson

    Why are my emails not coming in gmail account? It’s been couple of days, I am using my gmail account through iPad.

  2. Terrie A. Walker

    What should I do If my Gmail has stopped receiving emails from the facebook.com. I have lost my facebook login password.
    So they are sending me an email on my gmail account. but I can’t see them in the inbox? Please suggest me the quick guide to fix such errors.

  3. Mark D. Heath

    Why Is my Gmail not receiving emails on the outlook 2019? I generally prefer to access the gmail account through this app on the desktop. Now these days, When I open the outlook application. it keeps showing me Syncing issue, and it won’t receive new emails on the account. What should I do ?

  4. Judy P. Dipasquale

    Finally, My Google account is getting new emails now because of you. Thank you so such for the help. I had blocked the emails that was coming from .com extension. Due to which, most of my emails were getting deleted automatically.
    After Reading your blog, I had figured out the problem, So I have removed .com filter from the gmail setting.

  5. Mary S. Heard

    Why am i not receiving emails from one person on my gmail. That person is my boss. He is sending me emails from his official account. Earlier I used to appear in the inbox, but now days I can’t see there ?

  6. Hazel R. Sanford

    I can’t receive emails on gmail account from notification. They are keep sending me a link to reset the password, but it not showing on the inbox.

  7. Kenneth C. Simpson

    Earlier, I was unable to receive the incoming emails on the gmail account due to the POP 3 server. My pop server was not responding. so I had enabled the gmail server. now it is working completely fine.
    1. Open the gmail account on the web browser.
    2. Click on the settings.
    3. Go to the pop/imap server settings.
    4. Select the gmail account and then click on the enable the pop 3 server.
    5. Press the apply changes button.

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