How Do I Connect Brother HL-L2360DW Printer To The Wifi?

If you need a monochrome printer for your office or personal use. Brother hl-l2360dw printer is a great choice for you. This machine is faster than the brother monochrome printers like- HL-L2360 or HL-B200 etc. Also, this printer is a laserjet printer. So it is very cost effective. 

Other than that, The brother Hl-l2360dw offers wired & wireless connectivity. So you can easily connect a printer to the computer. 

Although the brother printer has a very simple admin panel, through which you can easily setup and manage your printer. Still people who are using it for the first time. They may not have any idea about its wireless connection process.

To help all those people, I have published this guide. Through which you will learn how to connect the brother hl-l2360 printer to wifi?

Connect brother hl-l2360 printer to the wifi network

How many ways are available for wifi setup on the Brother HL-L2360DW printer? 

If you want to know how many ways are there to connect Brother HL series printer to WiFi? So the answer is that you can connect the printer to the wireless network in 3 ways.

  1. WLAN Setup – To set up WiFi through this process, you will need a network name (SSID) and a password.
  2. WPS – In this process, instead of the network password, you will need a router in which the WPS feature is available. By the way, this feature is available in all the routers of today.
  3. Computer Setup – If you are having trouble with wifi setup through the printer panel, you can also connect the brother hl -l2360dw printer to the wireless network through the windows or mac computer. 

How to connect a brother hl-l2360dw printer to the Wifi  network? 

Method 1- Join wifi Network on Brother hl-l2360dw machine through printer panel- 

  1. Power on the brother printer and wireless router. 
  2. Once the Brother printer and router are ready, you need to press the menu or ok button. 
  3. Go to the network option using + button and then click on the ok button. 
  4. Select the WLAN using + and – button, and press the ok button. 
  5. Choose the Setup wizard option and then click on the ok button again. 
  6. If you see a WIFI Enabled option press the ok button. 
  7. Now Choose your Network name (SSID) and then push the ok key. 
  8. Enter the network key and then click on the ok button. 
  9. Finally, your printer will connect itself to the wireless network. 

Method 2 – Connect The Brother Hl-l2360dw printer to the wifi network – 

If the brother printer is not connecting to the wifi through the setup wizard. You can setup the network through a wireless protected setup(WPS) technology.

  1. Go to the network on the brother machine. 
  2. Click on the WLAN
  3. Select the Network name via user id and password. 
  4. Choose the WPS AOSS option. 
  5. Press the ok button to enable the WPS on the printer. 
  6. Now press the WPS button on the router as well. 

Wait for a moment, your printer will now join the wireless network within a moment. 

Method 3- Setup the wireless connection on the Brother HL-l2360 printer through computer- 

If you are having a hard time joining the wireless network on the Hl-l2360 machine through the printer panel. You can use the computer for the wifi setup process. 

  • Go to the brother wireless website
  • Select the operating system and then click on the ok button. 
  • Download the full driver
  • Once the driver is downloaded, you need to run it on your computer. 
  • Accept the license and then click on the next button. 
  • Choose the connection type as Wireless network
  • Press the wireless setup button. 
  • Connect the brother machine to the computer through USB wire
  • Now sync the network settings from computer to the printer. 

So these are the three general methods to connect a brother HL-l2360dw printer to the wireless network. In case, If you are unable to join the wireless network or have any other problems with the HL series printer. Please comment down below or tweet us @askprob . We will assist you in fixing the problems. 

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