how to ungroup emails in gmail?

When you send an email to someone, they reply to the same email. So Gmail adds its reply under the same message. Which we also call email grouping in technical language.

The email grouping is beneficial in understanding the conversation. Whereas only until you are talking with a maximum of 2 or 3 people. 

In case, If you are sending emails to many people, and they all are replying to the same message, it would be hard to understand the conversation. At such time, you must want to ungroup the emails on Gmail.

Once you ungroup the emails, you will start receiving a separate message from the individual on your gmail’s inbox. so you can easily understand who said what? 

If you want to ungroup the message on Gmail, you can turn off the conversation mode in the Gmail settings. Wanna know in detail? Follow the instructions given below. 

how to ungroup emails on gmail

How To Ungroup the Emails in Gmail on Computer? 

  • Open the browser on your computer. 
  • Go to the
  • Press the sign-in button and enter your login information. Gmail mailbox
  • Once you get into the mailbox, you need to click on the settings icon. 
  • Now click on the see all settings button. see all settings
  • Once you see the general settings tab, Go to the Conversation view by scrolling down. 
  • Select the conversation view off option. turn off the conversation view
  • Click on the Save changes button. 

How to ungroup the emails on the Gmail Android app? 

If you want to ungroup the emails on Gmail on an android phone, you should use this guide to do that. 

  • Open the Gmail app. 
  • Select your Gmail account on which you want to ungroup the messages. 
  • Tap on the menu icon (Shown as three horizontal lines. )
  • Swipe up and tap on the settings
  • Here, you need to tap on your Gmail account
  • Now uncheck the conversation view option. 

Your emails will be ungrouped now on the Gmail if you will refresh the mailbox, and you will see the separate emails by an individual. 

How to Turn off the conversation view on Gmail on iPhone? 

You can quickly turn off the conversation view on the Gmail application by using the steps given below.

  • Open the Gmail application on the iphone. 
  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap on your Gmail account
  • Here, you need to uncheck the Conversation view option. 

Why does the conversation view not turn off on the Gmail? 

When you can’t turn off the conversation view on Gmail on your computer and smartphone, you have to sign out of the account. Now sign in to the account again. Let’s try to access the account if that does not work for you. You need to make the following changes to your browser, Gmail application. 

  1. Clear the browsing/App data. 
  2. Delete the cookies & cache files. 
  3. Update the browser/ Gmail application. 
  4. Use a new browser to disable the conversation mode.

What is the conversation History Folder? 

It is a default folder of the outlook application and webmail, which keeps the data of all conversations. So, whenever someone sends you a reply to your message, you will see that on this folder. 

If you need more help related to the Gmail conversation history, you need to visit Microsoft forums.

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