Fix: Why Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages [2022]

The Epson printer models are recognized for high quality printing. That’s why they are generally being used in the Photo lab & media companies.

Because these type of organizations always needs to have High definition printouts. No doubt, Epson printers are the best choice as per performance wise.  But sometimes, these machines may cause minor trouble in printing.

Epson printer printing blank pages from windows 10 or mac computer is one of them. 

This error is very common but quite irritating for everyone.

When Epson printer begin printing a blank pages. Generally, the users will advice you change the cartridge to fix the prints blank pages error. But frankly speaking, that doesn’t work all time in fixing the printing blank pages issue.

Epson printer printing blank pages

Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing Blank Pages? 

The Epson printer may not able to print the regular text on the pages due to the following basic reasons.

  • Ink has been dried on the nozzle.
  • Epson printer not recognizing the ink cartridge.
  • The ink cartridge is dry.
  • Nozzle is jammed.
  • Print heads are goof up with dust or ink.
  • The ink cartridge requires to be replaced.
  • Epson driver settings are not accurate.

How do I fix Epson Printer that is Printing blank pages?

Now, we are aware of the reason for why is my printer printing blank pages? So coming to the main question, what to do if your printer printing blank pages from windows 10 or mac computers? Here are the guide for that.

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Step 1- Put a check on Skip Blank Page: 

Let’s Turn on the skip blank page from the printing preference, and then make a printout through your machine.

For Windows users

  • Let’s Go to the “control panel”.
  • Click on the “Devices and printers”.  If the control panel options are shown in the category view, you need to click on the Hardware and sound” option and then click on the Devices and printers. 
  • Now right-click on “Epson printer icon” and click on the printer preference (printing preference) from the menu.printing preferences fix Epson printer printing blank pages
  • Press the maintenance tab and click the extended settingsextended settings for Epson printer printing blank pages
  • Check the skip blank page and click on ok.skip blank pages

For mac users

  • Let’s open the system preference on the MacBook pc.
  • Click on the print & scan (print & fax, printers & scanners)
  • Now select the Epson printer from the list and press the options & supplies
  • Press the options tab from the top menu.
  • Check the skip blank page and click on ok.

Step 2- Monitor The Ink Label

Some users are unable to print the images or docs due to the Ink shortage issue. Probably, the ink cartridge/toner may not have enough ink for the printout.

So you should check the ink status on the epson printer through ink monitor or printer panel, If it has a low indicator, you need to replace the cartridge/toner.

  • Open the control panel and go to the devices and printers again.
  • Right click on the Epson printer and click on the printer preference.
  • Press on the maintenance tab using the above instructions.
  • Push the Epson status monitor 3.
  • Now push the Approximate Ink status monitor 3

Step 3- Install New Ink Cartridge

If your Epson printer is printing blank pages after changing the ink cartridge, please check these things.change ink cartridge on epson printer

  • The ink cartridge is not set up correctly.
  • The nozzle is blocked with the tap.
  • Make sure you have bought a unused cartridge.
  • Assure that there is no protective tap on the cartridge.

You should take out the cartridge from the printer, and set up it again. you can also visit:

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Step 4 – Clean The Nozzle To Fix Epson printer printing blank pages

About a few days back, my Epson printer was giving blank pages as a printout; that time, I found, it was happening because of the clogged nozzle issue.

The cartridge’s nozzle was jammed due to the chunk of dry ink. That’s why my printer has started printing a completely blank or blurry page. So I had to cleaned up the nozzle.

If your Epson printer won’t stop printing blank pages.  you should also unclog it by using these steps.

nozzle check to fix epson printer printing blank pages

  • Let’s go back to the printing preference again via devices and printer.
  • Push the maintenance tab, and click on the nozzle check
  • Now push the print option; if it shows the nozzle needs to be clean, push the clean clean printer

Step 5 – Perform Power Ink Flushing

If your printer is not fixed yet, please the power ink flushing program to remove the excess ink.

  • Open the maintenance window under the printing preference. 
  • Press the power ink flushing button.
  • Now click on the clean or flush

After running the power ink flush command, please assign a new command for print to the Epson machine. let’s see if does prints now or not?

Step 6 – Clean or Unclog The Print Head

Like a cartridge nozzle, the print head can also become the big reason for blank pages issue, so you should clean it regularly. Now some of you might have thought in mind about how do you unclog the printhead?

Hold on, I am going to share the tell you the process for clean the printer head on Epson. But before that, You should keep in mind that print head cleaning can be performed twice only.

“Please clean or unclog the printhead on Epson printer for once a day only. do not repeat it again and again. Otherwise, It might damage the printer.” 

epson printer cleaner

Now let’s go ahead and follow this process to clean the printer head on the Epson.

  • Go back to the maintenance settings again.
  • Click on the Head cleaning.
  • Now press the  print button to get the report; if requires cleaning, you should press the clean

Step 7 – Running a Print Spooler Service fixes Epson printer printing blank pages

If your Epson printer keeps printing blank pages, you should restart the print spooler service on the windows computer.

  • Open the run box and type services.msc and press ok.
  • look for print spooler service, select it and press the reboot button.

Step 8 – Check Paper Size:

Sometimes, you may have the blank page as an output from the Epson wifi printer because of the incorrect paper size.

The paper that you are using for the printing process, must fit in the tray. if not, please adjust it.

Step 9 – Check Network Connection

It happens rarely, but sometimes blank pages are appearing on the printer because of network or connection issue.

When the Epson printer doesn’t connect to wifi or dropping the connection quickly, it gives you a blank page. In that case, you need to troubleshoot the network connection.

Update the Printer Software- 

  1. Let’s Open the Epson software on the computer.
  2. Click on the software updater.
  3. Here, you need to pick up your printer model.
  4. Now select the firmware update and press the ok button.
  5. Finally, your printer will start updating the software. it may take several minutes. do not turn off the printer during that time.

Step 10 – Uninstall The Printer Driver

After modifications into the printer settings, if you Epson printer prints blank pages.

It indicates, there is a problem with the Epson driver. So you should uninstall it from the computer and reboot it.

Now Download the latest version of Epson software & install a new driver into the pc. it should be printed clearly now.

So This is the complete guide to fix the Epson printer. If it doesn’t work, please visit the nearby Epson store to upgrade the printer.

Some FAQ’s On Epson Printer

Why is my Epson printer printing blank pages when Ink is full?

  1. Restart the printer once.
  2. Reinstall the ink cartridge/ toner.
  3. Update the printer driver.
  4. Update the Epson printer firmware.
  5. Clean the nozzle/ head again.

Why does the Epson printer print blank after changing ink?

As we have earlier said, you should review the cartridge first. the chances of installation error are very high. So you should re-setup the cartridge/toner. Also, use the branded Epson cartridge only. do not install the refill or third-party ink cartridge.

Once you do that, you have to restart the Epson printer again. Now check if the printer is recognizing the cartridge now or not?

Epson printer printing blank pages after each job?

This happens due to the driver settings problem, so you should update the cartridge first. after that disable the page separator from the printing preference.

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Right click on the Epson printing preference.
  3. Turn off the separator and press ok.

Once re-print something. If it doesn’t work, you may remove the printer from the control panel, and re-add it to the windows computer.

Epson printer not printing black why?

Please check the link status of the black cartridge. You may need to replace it. that’s why Epson printer is not printing black.

10 thoughts on “Fix: Why Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages [2022]”

  1. My Epson wf-3730 has started printing a blank pages all of sudden. Yesterday night! when I was working on it. it was printing a properly. Don’t know what happened over night. So it is behaving so strangely.
    So far, I have checked the ink tank, It is full. Also, I have reinstalled the printer driver. but still not getting the regular printouts. Should I change my printer.

    • Please Flush the ink nozzle, and print head. After that you should try to print again.
      I have already shared the steps to flush the ink. You may follow those steps.

  2. Why Is My Epson printer printing an extra blank page after every printed? If have to print 2 pages. It gives me an output of 4 pages. In which, two papers are emptied.
    Do you have any idea about how to restrict my printer from printing extra pages?

    • Hello!
      Sorry the late reply. I think you have enabled the skip blank page option, so you need to disable it.
      1. Go to the control panel and click on the devices and printers.
      2. Right click on the epson printer and go to the printing preference.
      3. Select the maintenance, and click on the extended settings.
      4. Check the skip blank pages and press the apply button.

  3. why is epson workforce xp-6100 is printing the completely blank pages? The ink is full on it, and there is no problem from the epson software. Still it is printing blank. Also If I can’t copy the documents.

  4. About a day back, My epson printer was not printing anything so I cleaned up the print head by using this guide. Now it is printing & copying the files smoothly. So Thank you for this article.

  5. Why is my epson xp 440 printing blank pages. I have checked the ink level. My printer has sufficient ink but still won’t print regular pages. can you tell me what went wrong ?

  6. About two days back, My epson xp 440 printer was printing blank pages after each printout. After reading your blog, I figured out that I had enabled the print extra blank page feature from the printing preference. So Once I turned that off. my printer is working perfectly now without any interruption.

  7. Why is my printer not printing anything on the paper. I have an Epson xp 434 printer, And it has enough ink to print more than hundred documents. But still it is behaving stupidly.
    So far, I have made these changes into the printer.
    1. Checked the ink on the printer.
    2. Update the driver.
    3. I have restored the driver.
    4. Updated the printer software as well.
    But still it won’t print the regular pages.


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