Epson Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi | What To Do?

If the Epson printer cannot join the WIFI network , you should restart the router & printer. Now wait for 5 minutes, after that try again to setup the WIFI network on the Epson machine again.
In case, If the Epson printer is keeps showing the error message “can’t connect to this network” error.
There is something wrong with the printer or router’s network settings. which is described below.
  • The WIFI password is incorrect.
  • The printer is trying to connect to the WIFI network using the old WIFI profile.
  • Network signals are weak.
  • The printer needs a firmware upgrade.
  • The firewall is blocking the printer to join the network.

These are few causes that can arouse the Epson printer won’t connect to the wifi problem. Let’s go ahead and apply these techniques to your printer and network to join the wireless network.

epson printer won't connect to wifi

Basic things to check while Epson printer is not connecting to the wireless network- 

Before we share the troubleshooting guide to fix the Epson printer not connecting to the wifi network, let’s check these settings.

  • Keep the Epson printer close to the WIFI router or extender, and now you try to connect it to the wireless network.
  • Please be confident that WIFI password is correct.
  • Now make sure the router is broadcasting the WIFI signals.
  • Go to the WLAN settings on the Epson printer, and check the signal quality of the WIFI.

If the settings are correct but still having wireless network problems. you may go to the how-to fix epson printer printer wifi setup failed guide.

How to fix the Epson printer that won’t connect to the WIFI network?

Factory reset the WLAN settings on Epson printer- 

When an Epson printer can’t connect to the WIFI network after updating the password. The printer might be trying to authenticate the connection via old password. So you must reset the network settings. After that try to access the network again. 

factory reset network
  • Let’s power on your Epson machine and wait until you get the home screen on it.
  • Press the setup button available below the fax button. (in some printers, it may be at a different place).
  • Press the restore default settings option, and press on it.
  • Now Press the reset network settings.
  • Click yes on the prompt window.

Once the Network reset process gets complete, you should go back to the WiFI setup wizard. now connect the wifi network

Use the WPS pin or push button method to join the network- 

If the Epson printer doesn’t connect to the wireless network after performing the network reset. Please use the WPS method to connect it to the WIFI settings.

To utilize this feature, the router & printer must have a WPS feature. If one of them doesn’t have WPS, you may jump to the next step.

Use Push button method- 

epson printer wps setup
  • Press the Wps Button on the router. 
  • Now Press the Home button on Epson printer. 
  • Go to the WiFi-Setup
  • Press the Ok button. 
  • Now Select The Push Button Setup
  • Hit the Ok button. 

Now wait for 120 seconds, Once your WIFI will connect the printer. you will see the green or blue wifi light. 

Use the pin method- 

If the Epson printer is not connecting to the using the WPS push button mode, you may utilize the pin method to connect to the network.

  • Let’s push the WPS button on the router again.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Setup On Epson Printer.
  • Click on the Pin code setup (WPS).
  • Push the ok.
  • Enter the WPS pin code (you will find it at the bottom of the router).
  • Finally, press the ok button to begin with the Wi-Fi setup.

Clear The Cache- 

  • Power off the printer.
  • Hold the feed button for 15-20 seconds. 
  • Now power on the printer but don’t release Feed button. 
  • Once the printer will start printing the documents, you need to leave the feed button. 
  • Now press the feed button again to print another page. 

Finally, the print cache will be removed from the device. 

Update The WIFI Profile-

When Epson printer won’t connect to the wifi network through WPS or wifi password either.

You would suggest you change the WIFI name, security code, & encryption type.

To change wireless profile, you have to log into the router dashboard and click on the wireless settings. For example, here I am sharing the instructions to change the wifi profile on the Belkin wireless router.

epson printer wifi setup
  • Open the router admin dashboard on the computer, iPad.
  • Under the wireless section, Click on the channel and SSID (in some Belkin router, you will see the wifi name & SSID).
  • Remove the current wifi name, and Enter your new wifi name.
  • Now Modify the wifi name for the 5GHZ network.
  • Press the Apply changes button to save these changes into the router.
  • Now Press the security options available under the wifi channel and SSID option.
  • Select the security mode, as WEP 64 bit, and check the enable passphrase
  • Type the passphrase you want and then press the generate
  • Now you will see a key; you need to write that down on a paper that will be your wifi password.
  • Now using the same method, generate the password for the 5GHZ network as well.
  • Finally, press the apply changes button to save the new wifi password in your router.belkin router wifi encryption

After updating the wifi profile, you may reconnect the Epson printer to the new wifi network.

Upgrade the Epson printer software- 

Sometimes, the Epson printer doesn’t connect to the wireless network due to the Firmware (software) issue. Mostly, It happens with the old wifi printer when you do not upgrade the firmware very often.

If you are presently dealing with the Epson printer wifi setup failed  problems, please update it and then make another attempt to join the wifi.

you can do it manually or by using the epson software updater tool.

Reset the wireless router- 

Right after changing these settings, if the Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi network, you should factory reset the WIFI access point and reconfigure it. Meanwhile, Do not apply the old wifi profile on the WIFI.

Reset the printer-

If you have tried the steps but your Epson printer does not connect to the wireless network yet. you should reset the printer.

  • Press the menu/home button on Epson machine.
  • Go to the setup.
  • Press the Reset option.
  • Click on the Factory reset the printer.
  • Click on the ok button.

FAQ’s Related To the Epson Printer Won’t Connect to wifi problem: 

Why Is My Epson printer not accepting my wifi password? 

The Epson printer does not accept the WIFI password in two scenarios. 

1- Password is incorrect- The passwords are case sensitive. When you do not enter it in the correct way. The value will be changed. in such a case, Epson printer won’t accept your WIFI password. 

2. Profile is saved – If you are not getting the option to enter the wireless password. you need to Factory restore the network settings. After that, you get the window to enter the password and it will accept the password.

why does Epson printer won’t connect to phone?

When you can’t connect the Epson printer to the phone. Please check the wireless connection. make sure the phone is connected to the same network through which your printer is connected.

Apart from that, you should also install the Epson print app on phone to make the printer working.

Why does Epson printer won’t connect to mac? 

Generally, That happens when mac and Epson machine is connected in the parallel network. so you should disconnect one of them, and connect to the same network. Now send a ping from MacBook. If packet’s delivery is failing, you need to turn off the firewall and antivirus settings.

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  1. Jesse E. Gomez

    Why is my Epson et-2760 not connecting to WiFi? It keeps showing me, “can’t connect to this network”. If I try to reset the network settings, It stuck at the resetting network option.

  2. Shelby K. Kasper

    What to do when Epson XP-2105 not connecting to WiFi network? IF I go to the wireless setup wizard. it is not showing me my network. meanwhile other networks are available in the list. can you tell me the quick way to get the solution.

  3. Ryan S. Beverly

    Why is my Epson printer not recognizing the wireless network. When I go to the WLAN setup option, it shows me no network available error. While My router is turned on and it available right after the desk.

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      It looks like the broadcasting has been disabled on your router. that’s why your printer is unable to obtain the network.

  4. Dennis M. Golden

    Recently, I moved from Ohio to virginia state with my old printer. Now whenever I am trying to connect my printer to the wireless network. It shows me a red cross next to my wifi name, and it won’t let me enter the password. Can you tell me what went wrong here?

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      It looks like, your printer has an older wifi profile. Which is conflicting the current wifi name. So you need to reset the network settings. you will be able to see the network without red cross icon.

      • Go to the setup
      • Click on the Restore default settings
      • Select the reset network settings
      • Press the Ok button
  5. Charles D. Coker

    epson xp-4105 won’t connect to wifi , When I enter the network key. It gets stucked at the connecting please wait window. Can you help me in fixing the printer problems.

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      Hi, It seems like there is a problem with the printer firmware. So you should try to update it. If you don’t find any update, you should factory reset the printer.

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