Fix AOL Blerk Error 1 On Any browser?

When I open up my AOL account on my google chrome or any other browser, It displays the AOL blerk error code 1.

Can somebody tell me what it is about and how do I get it resolved?

About a year back, When I was trying to get into my AOL account. I had the same error code.

That time, One of my friends suggested me to reset the web browser, and I did so,

You know what, it worked for me, since then, I never get BLERK ERROR CODE 1 on my AOL account.

So You should also try to use this once. I am sure this will help you in fixing your problem as well.

In my future, I have seen many people encountering the aol blerk error 1, and helped all of them to fix their problem.

That’s why I am sharing my troubleshooting steps to get rid of blerk error on your computer.  You may use it on any browser.

Step1 – Update the bookmarks-

If you are getting the error code only when you try to use to use the bookmarks url.  Probably, your url is dead that’s why you are getting this error code on your computer. In this situation, you should remove update the bookmarks on your web browser.

For that, you need to follow the instructions given below:

For Google Chrome Users: 

  • Click on the menu(three-dotted icon) button available in the top right corner.
  • Hover to the bookmarks and select bookmark manager.
  • Select your AOL URL and click on delete (you will get this option when you click on the menu icon available next to the aol url}.
  • Now type in the top search bar.
  • Once the website will open successfully, you need to make the bookmarks from it.

For Mozilla Firefox Users- 

  1. Let’s open the bookmark 
  2. Press the staricon, and click on remove bookmark.

For Safari Users- 

Let’s open the safari and click on bookmarks >> Right-click on the AOL URL and press the edit option >> now you will get the option to release the delete. Just click on it.

Step2 – Clean up your web browser (delete cookies, history, and cache files) – 

If you have updated the bookmarks, but still getting the AOL mail blerk error code 1 on your browser.

You should think of cleaning the web browser. Possibly, your browser is trying to engage with AOL mail server using the expired cookies or cache files. That’s why you are getting this error message.

You may clean the browser manually, but if you want a tool to clean the web browser, you may use the ccleaner software. This will help you in cleaning the web browser.

Clean The Google Chrome: 

  • Open the google chromeand press CTRL + H.
  • Select Clear browser data from left menu.
  • Put a checkmark on all options, and select all time,
  • Now click on clear.

Just like that, you can do it with your other browsers as well.

Check the browser security settings- 

If you have cleaned your web browser, but still getting the AOL blerk error code 1, in such a case,  you should review the browser security settings.

For more details, you may visit:

Adjust browser security settings on Microsoft edge browser or internet explorer.

Complete guide to adjust the security settings on Safari.

Adjust Security Settings on firefox.

After following all these directions, if the problem still continues. you should visit fix AOL mail login problems for more details.


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