How To Fix “This site can’t be reached” on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers globally, which is available on almost all platforms. This browser is primarily known for the quick response; whenever you open a website on this browser, it opens on your browser within a few moments. But sometimes, instead of loading the Google Chrome website, you start seeing the error “This site can’t be reached.”

When this site can’t be reached, an error appears on google chrome; you will get an error code along with it. This helps debug the main reason for chrome is not loading the website. Those errors can be similar to these. 

this site can't be reached on google chrome

Why Do I Get ‘This site can’t be reached’ error on google chrome? 

Generally, this site can’t be reached; an error appears on google chrome due to the internet connection problem. But it may also vary according to the error code. 

  • The Internet is frequently disconnecting or very slow. 
  • Cookies are blocking the connection. 
  • SSL Connection is not secure. 
  • The DNS server is unable to respond to your request. 
  • The host server is down or taking too much time to load. 
  • The network connection or settings have been changed recently. 

How To fix This site cannot be reached error on the google chrome browser? 

When google chrome is not allowing you to open the webpage on the windows or mac computer, you first need to review the internet connection. Assure that the Internet is working fine. Now reboot the computer once and then retry to access the same website on the chrome browser. 

If that doesn’t work yet, you need to follow the steps given below. 

Use the different browser- 

When you can’t open the webpage on the chrome browser, you should try to open the same website through another browser like- safari, edge, etc. If other browsers can load the website without any errors, the problem is within google chrome. So you need to fix the chrome browser. Otherwise, you need to reset the internet connection settings. 

Use different browser

Restart the Network- 

When google chrome keeps showing you, this site can’t reach the error message; you need to reboot the Router and computer once in the following procedure. 

  • Power off the modem & Router
  • Now, shut down your computer. 
  • Wait for a minute, and then power on the computer
  • Now you need to restart the modem & Router as well. 

After restarting the network, you need to reaccess the Internet, and it should be working fine. 

Check Your Internet Connection From Modem

This is the most working solution and should test before making any changes. Commonly, the Internet has an issue, and you can’t reach the site. To confirm your internet connection follow some steps:

reboot the network

  • Try to open another website.
  • Restart your modem as well as the wifi router.
  • Disconnect the modem from the Router and connect directly to the pc.
  • Now, check if you are getting the Internet directly from the modem.

Clear Browser Cache And Cookies – 

Sometimes, chrome cannot load the websites on google chrome because of the cookies error when the browser is trying to load the webpage through old or expired cookies. So you need to clear the cookies and cache files. 

clear chrome data

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the Menu and click on the settings
  • Press the privacy and security option. 
  • Now click on the clear browsing data. 
  • Press the clear data button. 

After clearing the data, you need to restart the browser. Let’s see if it is loading the pages now or still showing can’t reach this page error. 

Remove Browser Extensions – 

Google Chrome can’t load this page several times because of the extensions. Probably, the extension is blocking the host. Due to this, google chrome is unable to load the site. Generally, when you install the ad blocker VPN/ Proxy extensions on the browser, they will block most websites. So you need to deactivate them on the browser to make it work again. 

chrome extension , this site cannot be reached

  • Open Google chrome
  • Go to the chrome://extensions. 
  • Select the extension that you want to disable
  • Now press the turn off button. 

Also, if you find some useless extension that is not in Use or has not been updated for a long time, you need to delete that extension from google chrome.

Reset Browser as Default- 

If you have cleared the cookies and browsing data from google chrome, it won’t load the site properly. You should factory reset the browser to the factory settings. To do that, you need to go to the advanced settings on google chrome. 

reset google chrome

  • Open google chrome
  • Click on the settings
  • Press the reset and clean up button. 
  • Now press the restore settings to their original default button. 

That’s it; the chrome will be restored to the default settings. You may now enjoy the Internet on the google chrome browser. 

Reinstall Google Chrome Or Browser

If you have tried to restore the browser, it keeps showing you can’t reach this site error on chrome. Let’s uninstall google chrome from the computer and then install a newer version. 

Uninstall the google chrome

For Windows computer- 

  • Open the Run box. 
  • Run the Appwiz.cpl command. 
  • Select google chrome from the programs and features window. 
  • Press the Uninstall button. 
  • Once you see the website on the screen, click on the uninstall button. 

For Mac computers- 

  • Select Google chrome. 
  • Drag it to the trash box. 

Once google chrome is uninstalled from the computer, you need to download a new chrome browser and install it on the computer. 

Restart DNS Client : 

Sometimes, This site can’t be reached error appears on google chrome or other browsers because of the DNS server issues. At such point in time, you may also see DNS could not be found or DNS lookup error, so you need to restart the DNS client by running the following command.

this site can't be reached on chrome , dns error

  1. Open the command prompt. (windows RUN >> CMD >> OK).
  2. Type Net stop dnscache
  3. Press the Enter button. 
  4.  Once you see the DNS client service was stopped successfully, you need to start the service. 
  5. To do that, you need to type Net start dnscache 
  6. Press the Enter button. 

After restarting the DNS client services, you should try to reload the same page on the browser again. 

Change DNS Address – 

If you restarted the DNS client service but still getting can’t reach this error along with the DNS error code. You need to enter the DNS address manually on the computer. 

DNS error , This site can't be reached on google chrome

  • Open the Run box
  • Type ncpa.cpl 
  • Press the ok button. 
  • Now Right-click on the network adapter
  • Go to the Properties
  • Select the Internet protocol version 4 IPV4
  • Press the Properties button. 
  • Click on the Use the following DNS address
  • Enter and in the address box. 
  • Press the ok button now. 
  • Now click on the ok button on the internet protocol window. 

After changing the DNS address, you need to reboot the computer once and reload the website again. It shouldn’t be showing this site can’t be reached error on the chrome anymore. 

Flush The DNS address- 

If you have changed the DNS address but chrome is still showing can’t reach this site along with the DNS probe error. It means your computer is still trying to use the old DNS server. In that a case, you need to Flush the DNS address.  

  1. Open the command prompt in the administrative mode. 
  2. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the terminal and press the enter button. 

Once you see the DNS successfully flushed, you need to reboot the computer and then retry to reaccess the same website.

Disable QUIC Protocol Support

Sometimes, Chrome QUIC protocol might conflict with the web servers. That’s why you might get this site cannot be reached error on google chrome. So if it is activated on the browser currently, go ahead and disable it. 

Disable Quic error

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Go to the chrome://flags
  3. Search for Experimental QUIC protocol
  4. If it is activated currently, you need to disable that. 

Disable Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions: 

Apart from the Chrome QUIC protocol, when deprecation of legacy TLS version services are activated on the browser. So you need to go to the chrome flags section again and disable the legacy TLS version on google chrome. 

Clear Google Chrome Profile Sync- 

It doesn’t happen very often, but chrome profile syncing is with the old data. It may cause several issues like- can’t reach this site or page error. In that a case, you need to clear the chrome profile syncing and then retry to reaccess the Internet. 

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Click on the clear sync and google services
  4. If Syncing is enabled, you need to press the turn off button. 

Disable the Firewall & Antivirus- 

Sometimes, a firewall or ISP might be blocking the site; that’s why your chrome browser can’t reach it. So you need to turn off the firewall and antivirus on the computer for 10 minutes. Now try to load the same website if websites are loading correctly on the google chrome browser. It means the issue was with the firewall/antivirus. So you need to keep them deactivated. 

Reset Modem And WIFI Router : 

After making all these changes to the windows computer and chrome browser, If you are still getting can’t reach this site error. There might be a problem on the router/ modem side. Probably, they are blocking DNS lookup, and that’s why you can’t reach that website. 

You need to reset the router/ modem and then reconfigure it to fix that error.  

Now you will no longer have this site cannot be reached error on google chrome. If you have some other errors on google chrome, you can comment below to find the solution. 

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