Fix:Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome

Your Connection is not private in Google chrome may come with any browser. This issue may or may not be harmful to the computer. It depends on the root of the problem.

A connection is not secure error message often comes from a mistake in the website. These mistakes are related to the SSL and security of the website. The web browser flag red a domain with a connection is not private if it fails in a secure connection.

However, web browsers like google chrome try to protect their users from phishing attacks. If a site contains suspicious code, it won’t allow opening. In this case, you may get an error message with code like-

  2. Err_certificate_expired
  4. Unexpectedly closed the connection
  5. Server DNS could not be found
  6. A domain is currently unreachable
  7. Localhost refused to connect
  9. The connection was reset
  10. Waiting for available socket

These error codes help a lot to understand the reason behind privacy errors on any web browser.

Ways to fix “Your connection is not private” error

The solution can be applied according to the cause of the issue. So, apply all the steps given below if you don’t know why you are getting connection is not private error. Further, if the current method won’t fix the issue jump to the next step.

fix your connection is not private

Change the time zone from wifi modem or router

Routers are getting smart day by day. They are also coming with their own memory setup. You can get your connection is not private error if the router time zone is not correct. Usually, it gets corrected from the geo-location but you can do it manually.

  • Open the web browser on the pc which is connected with the router.
  • Type router login IPon the address bar and hit enter.
  • Open router setting page using usernameand password. ( Find IP and username, password below to the router )
  • Go to the router setuppage and change the time zone.
  • Restart your router.
  • Now check whether the privacy error is still coming.

Check time and date of the device

A secure connection only establishes with the current date and time. A laptop or phone with an invalid date and time can never maintain a secure connection.

Web browsers like Google chrome only work on live time and date. It will show the connection is not private message with date and time error. To fix the issue rematch the date and time of your pc with the current time.

  • Right-click on the time and date. ( You can find it in the right bottom )
  • Click on Adjust time and datefrom the popup menu.
  • Once again press the change time and date
  • Now, set up the current time and dates and then press ok.
  • Further, restart your pc to apply a new date and time.

Change The Time And Date Settings On Mac

  1. Go to the system preference.
  2. Click on the time and date
  3. Select time and date automatically and press ok.

For mobile users, reinsert the Sim and then restart your phone to update the date and time.

Remove an expired antivirus

Active antivirus security is good for pc until they are active. After expiration, it stops updating and disables the security. It may trouble in system performance as well as the internet connection.

Your connection is not private or secure error can occur due to an expired antivirus. So, keep update and active your antivirus or remove it from the pc. Follow the steps below to uninstall antivirus.

Uninstall antivirus from Windows 10

  1. Press Windows + Rtogether to open the Run
  2. Type cplinto the Run box and then press ok.
  3. Scroll down and find your antivirus.
  4. Click on antivirus and then uninstall.
  5. Follow the instruction and remove the antivirus.
  6. Restart your pc after removing the antivirus.
  7. Further, check your website for privacy errors.

Uninstall antivirus from Mac

  1. Open mac driveand then application
  2. Select the antivirus folder and drag it into the trash

The proxy server causes your connection is not private error

Private networks in the offices and colleges use proxy servers. It is a private server to establish user permissions. The proxy server creates a security firewall between the user and internet.

Whenever the user tries to access any website it passes through the proxy connection. In case the website is blocked through a proxy it won’t load and display the privacy error. You can disable or bypass the proxy server to confirm that it is blocking the website.

Disable proxy server on Windows pc

  • Open the control panelfrom windows settings and select internet options.
  • Click on Connectionsand then LAN settings.
  • Mark Uncheck in the box that says Use a proxy server.
  • Click on applyand then ok.

Disable proxy server on Mac Computer

  1. Go to the System utilityand then click on network.
  2. Select your connected network adapter and then the advanced
  3. Next, click on the advance tab and select the proxy settings.
  4. Disable the proxy and restart your pc.

For better assistance on proxy contact your network administrator.

VPN also creates your connection is not private problems

The use of VPN always marks as suspicious activity in the internet world. Many programs and browser doesn’t allow to use VPN service. Even antivirus can also remove installed VPN from your pc.

Data packets transfer through VPN becomes hidden and it causes unsecured. The server uses to moving your data might be infected by malware. So, the data coming via VPN also mark insecure, and flags connection is not private error message on the screen.

Uninstall the VPN application if you are using it on your pc. Always use the default gateway provided by your internet provider.

Disable The SSL Error Recurs

SSL changed on the site by the site owner also causes privacy errors. Follow the steps below to fix it.

  1. Open google chrome and type chrome://flagsinto the address bar.
  2. Hit enter and scroll down to look for the SSL error recurs.
  3. Select it and click on disable.
  4. Restart your Google Chrome browser.

Cache and cookies cause your connection is not private

Removing browsing data with cache and cookies can fix privacy errors. A saved cache can clash with the current version of the website and shows not a secure error.

Each browser has different steps to clean it. We have taken the example of Google chrome browser.

  • Go to three vertical dots from the top right corner and hit enter.
  • Click on settingsand then Privacy and security from the left menu.
  • Now click on ‘Clear browsing data’from the front screen.
  • Open Advancedand then select All time from the Time range
  • Next click on Clear data and it clean all the saved history.

Disable or remove the browser extension

Browser extension creates lots of issues. It can trace your browsing and steal your information. It is possible an extension cause connection is not private error on chrome. So, don’t use an extension if don’t know more about it. Follow the steps to remove extension:

  • Tap three vertical dots from the top right corner.
  • Navigate to More toolsthan Extensions.
  • Find your extension and click on Remove.
  • Click again Removeto confirm.

Remove DNS cache to fix your connection is not private

Change in DNS domain name server can create privacy error. To remove old cache memory follow the steps below:

  • Open Google chrome browser and type chrome://net-internals/#dns.
  • Click on the Clear host cache

Reset Google Chrome browser

  • Open Settingsas above steps
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find Advanced
  • Open it and scroll down again to the bottom.
  • Find ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’and then click on it.
  • Further, click on Reset settings to clear history from Google chrome.

Change The Web Browser

Also, try to open the same websites on a different web browser. Now see, if it is allowing you to access the websites or still giving you the connection is not the private error message. You may use Microsoft Edge or Mozilla firefox.

SSL certificate of the website may be expired

SSL certificate has a big role in your connection is not private error in google chrome. In this case, you will get this error on a specific website. It happens if SSL gets expires or removes from that website.

An SSL certificate creates a secure connection from a web server to the user end. The website domain always starts HTTPS:// installed with an SSL certificate. Whenever you find the connection is not private error with HTTP://, contact website admin to fix the issue.

Open with an insecure connection

We do not recommend opening any website if it shows a privacy error. You don’t know what is the reason that it shows an insecure website. It may be harming your pc with the virus. So, follow the steps below at your own risk.

  • Click on ‘proceed to unsafe website‘ from the error screen.
  • Next click on Advanced and then‘Proceed to .com(unsafe)’.

So, these are the instructions about how to fix your connection is not a secure error. If you have any other queries, ask here via comments.

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