Why Is My Linksys Router Blinking Orange?

In today’s era, having internet in homes and offices is a basic need. For which it is very important to have a router/ modem that can provide you internet without any interruption. The Linksys router is one of those trusted routers. But it being an electronic equipment, sometimes it stops working due to some technical shortcomings.

The blinking orange light is a major issue on the Linksys router. When a router is showing amber or orange internet light. Some of you might be searching for the terms like- 

  • What does the orange light on the internet mean on the router? 
  • What does orange globe mean on the linksys router? 
  • How do I fix the orange internet  light on my linksys router? 

To answer that query, I have written a complete article. Through which, you can easily fix the flashing orange internet light problem on any linksys wireless router. 

Fix linksys router blinking orange

Why is my Linksys router blinking showing a solid orange internet light? 

  • The internet connection is broken from outside. 
  • Service down from internet service provider.
  • The router is not configured correctly.
  • The firmware of the router needs to be updated.
  • The IP addresses of the modem and router are conflicting.
  • router hardware is faulty.

How do I fix the Linksys router blinking orange internet light? 

Check the internet settings on the router – 

When the internet is not working on linksys router, the first thing you should do is to check internet connection on the modem. For which you can adopt the following methods.

  • If the color of the link or globe light on the modem is solid blue or green, then Internet service is active on your modem.
  • Disconnect the router from the modem, now connect it directly to the computer via ethernet cable and then try to access the internet.

If you can access the Internet on your computer, then the Internet is active on your modem.

If not then the problem of the internet is from behind. For which you will have to contact your ISP and do not make any changes in the router. As soon as you have internet on your modem. The Orange light available on the Linksys router will change to Blue or Green.

Power cycle the router, modem & computer-

  • Plug out the power cable from the router. 
  • Now take out the power cable from the modem. 
  • Wait for 30 minutes, then plugin the power cable on the router. 
  • Insert the power cable on the router as well. 

Now wait for 2 minutes, So that the light on your router and modem becomes stable. As soon as you see a blue or green globe light on your modem, check your router’s internet light. If this light is solid blue or green, your router is now running internet. 

Review Internet Settings For Linksys router blinking orange-

Some isp providers provide pppoe or static IP connection instead of providing dynamic connection. If you are also using any such connection. So your router will have to be set up according to those settings. Otherwise, the orange light on your Linksys router will continue to blink. Here I am sharing the process to setup PPPOE Connection on the router. Setup the internet connection on router

  1. Open the linksys router admin page. 
  2. Click on the internet 
  3. Select the connection type as PPPOE
  4. Now enter the username and password
  5. Finally, press the save settings. 

Once you save these settings, your router will reboot itself, and then it will start working fine on your device.

Step 4- Clone The Mac Address-

Sometimes, the modem might not be able to detect the router in the network, that’s why you might be getting the blinking internet orange light on your Linksys router.

Clone the mac address

So you need to instructions given below for mac clonning on the router.

  • Keep your modem connected from the Linksys router.
  • Plugin your computer from the ethernet (LAN) port of the router via an extra ethernet wire.
  • Turn off the WIFI on the laptop/ desktop.
  • Start the web browser, and input the router’s IP address in the top address bar. The default IP address for Linksys router is: or
  • Enter the username & password to access the admin page. The default login username and password is admin.
  • Now jump to the mac address clone option.
  • Click on the clone my PC’s mac address button available.
  • Now bang the save settings button.

Once you will press the save settings button, your router will reboot itself.

After that, you will start getting the solid blue or green internet light on the Linksys wireless router.

Update The Router Firmware to fix Linksys router blinking orange issue-

When did you update the firmware last time? If your answer is, you don’t know, or you did it about a year ago.

This can be another reason for the blinking orange internet light on the Linksys router.

update the firmware

So you should check for the firmware update if there is any recent update. you should download it from Linksys’ official website and install it into your router.

to fix the firmware update, you can use these techniques-

  • Get into the Linksys admin panel once again.
  • Press the administration tab, and click on the firmware upgrade option.
  • Now select the firmware file from the local computer, and click on start upgrade button.
  • Finally, your firmware will be upgraded.

Factory Reset The Router-

If you have already tried the above steps but your Linksys router keeps flashing orange internet light. I would suggest you to hard reset the router.

  • Get a pen or pin.
  • Hold the reset button available on your Linksys WIFI router for 45 seconds.
  • Release the reset button.
  • Now reboot the router again.

Once you get a solid green light on your router, you can begin the linksys router setup process.

So this is the complete guide troubleshoot the flashing orange internet light on the Linksys WIFI router.

Further, Linksys router is still flashing orange, there might be a hardware problem with your router. That’s why it is not working.

In such a case, if you have your router in the warranty period, you may visit the Linksys store, as well as ask them to replace the router.

But if your router is out of warranty, you have to buy a new router, and configure it into your network.

Also, if you have any other doubts related to the Linksys router, please share it with us via comment. I will feel happy to help you.

How to fix the linksys router not working problem? 

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