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Recently, Microsoft gave an update to Windows users, in which it introduced them to a new app. Whose name is Outlook for Windows. This is a free application that will be available to all users in Windows 11.

Along with simple layout, many important features are also provided in Outlook for Windows. Due to which your mail experience is going to be much easier.

As per microsoft’s official statement, “this application is going to replace the windows mail and calendar app”. 

So if you were earlier using the windows mail app, now you will try to open it. You will be redirected to the outlook for windows application. 

outlook for windows app

Also, Microsoft is not going to discontinue the windows mail & calendar app as of now, so if you don’t like the new outlook app. You can also use the mail app by pushing the toggle button on the right corner. 

How do you get a new outlook app on Windows 11? 

If you have recently updated your Windows, the Outlook app will be automatically installed on your computer. 

Later, when you open the mail app on your computer, you will be able to see a notification like this. You can access Outlook by clicking on the New Outlook button here.

How To Turn off Outlook for Windows app? 

If you don’t want to use the new outlook app and still want to continue with the older version of windows mail app. You can follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Open the new outlook app. 
  2. Look at the top-right corner, you will see here an option called new outlook. 
  3. Turn it off. 

Once you turn off the new outlook app feature, you will be redirected to the older version of microsoft app. 

What features will you get in the New Outlook app? 

You are going to get all basic features in the new outlook app. Here are the list of some important features. 

  1. Managing emails and calendars through a single application. 
  2. My Day View. 
  3. You are free to create inbox rules to keep your mailbox clutter free. 
  4. You are also allowed to change the conversation settings.  
  5. You can use loop components to collaborate within outlook. 

Although, the new outlook app has almost every important feature but still some features are missing and they are available for paid version only.  Some important features that are missing in the new outlooks are: 

  1. Offline support. 
  2. You don’t have permission for PST support. So you can not back up your data. 
  3. Last but not least, outlook doesn’t allow you to add com add-ins. So you can not extend the features of outlook application. 

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