How To Reset Asus Laptop?

Reset Asus Laptop

Asus laptops are the best choices for students and professionals. Because the laptops are using the best hardware equipment, that helps in enduring the performance. Although, it is the best budget laptop. Still, we cannot claim it as a perfect laptop.  Because sometimes, The laptop gets into some serious trouble. Which cannot be fixed without … Read more

How To Update BIOS In Asus Laptop?

how to update the firmware on Asus laptop

BIOS is one of the most important programs in every computer. Because it is responsible for the Bootup process and functionality, we can’t afford to have dysfunctionality in this program.  Whenever An update is required for Asus laptops or computers, you will start getting notifications asking you to update the Asus laptop Firmware. In case … Read more

how to disable secure boot asus?

disable secure boot in asus laptop

Secure boot is something that I always recommend to keep active. Whereas, Some users might want to disable the secure boot in ASUS laptops for personal reasons. Especially, When they want to dual boot the computer or change some booting sequence.   If you want to disable the secure boot in any Asus laptop model. You … Read more

How Do I Upgrade RAM On Desktop? [New*]

How do I upgrade the ram on asus laptop

Asus laptops are always recognized as the best performing laptop. However, If you are using a low configuration laptop, you may have to deal with the slow performance issue on the ASUS laptop.  In that case, you have to upgrade the RAM on the asus laptop to make it faster. But before updating the ram, … Read more

Fix Asus Router Not Working Problem [Complete Guide]

asus router not working

When you install the Asus router it’ll rarely cause any issues. Sometimes you may experience the Asus router not working difficulty.  In that a case, You have to review the router settings to identify the issue about why is router not connecting to the internet. Asus routers are largely used by gamers to stream their matches online. … Read more

Asus Laptop Right Click Is Not Working Issue

asus laptop right click not working

When right click does not work in an Asus laptop, most of the users think that their touchpad is defective. While this is not quite true, sometimes the right click doesn’t respond just because of the Windows or BIOS settings. If your laptop is also opening the primary menu instead of the secondary on right-clicking, … Read more

Why Is My Asus Router Not Turning On ?

Asus router not turning on

The ASUS wifi routers are rich in features and are also built with solid hardware. So, it can perform better for a long duration. Because of this router is becoming the favourite of almost everyone nowadays. There is no doubt that the ASUS router is one of the best routers for today’s needs. But several … Read more