Why Is My Asus Router Not Turning On ?

The ASUS wifi routers are rich in features and are also built with solid hardware. So, it can perform better for a long duration.

Because of this router is becoming the favourite of almost everyone nowadays. There is no doubt that the ASUS router is one of the best routers for today’s needs. But several users might complain about the “ASUS router not turning on problem”. 

Why is Asus laptop not turning on? 

When the Asus router won’t turn on, there is an issue with the power supply. Probably, the adapter is unable to supply the Power, or there is something wrong with the socket.

  1. Check the power adapter. 
  2. The Power source is not supplying the Power. 
  3. The power adapter is not properly plugged into the router and power source. 
  4. Router’s hardware issue. 

Asus router not turning on

How To Fix the Asus router Not turning on issue? 

Check The Power Supply At Home- 

Whenever the Asus router is not working, check the power supply in the router. There should be a proper supply of electricity in your home. You should also check the power wall socket (power socket) to which it is connected. If that socket doesn’t have power, you should try connecting your router to another socket.

Replace the power adapter- 

If you haven’t found the power socket problem, the ASUS router is still not turning on. Please check the router’s power adapter. power adapter test

A Router need 12V and 1.5 AMP DC to function. If the power adapter cannot supply that much power, then your router will not turn on. You can easily test the power adapter through Multimeter. 

  1. Let’s set the multiple Meter on 20V and 5 or 10AMP IN DC. 
  2. Now connect the power adapter to the wall. 
  3. Disconnect the power adapter from the router. 
  4. Now put one of the multimeter pins inside the power socket. 
  5. Put another one on the top of the power jack. 

If a multimeter is showing Power below 12V and 1.5 AMP. The adapter is failing in the proper power supply, that’s why it is not working fine. 

In such a case, you have to change the power adapter. You can easily buy a power adapter from the local or online store. It will cost you around $1-3 dollars. 

Now insert a new adapter on the router to the power outlet. It will turn on without any delay. 

Press the power button- 

Some Asus router has a power button. If you turn off the router through that, you will not see the power light while connected to the Power. To turn that on, you have to press the power button on the router again. 

Hardware failure- 

After attempting all these techniques, If the ASUS router is still not turning on. It means that your router’s power IC or some other part has been dead. Due to this, It is unable to function. 

In that a case, you have to buy a new wireless router from amazon or another place.

Why Is my Asus router not turning on after a power outage? 

If your Asus router is not turning on after a power outage, you should check the power adapter. Also, Disconnect the router from the power outlet and then reconnect it. Now press the power button on the router if it Doesn’t function. Then your router is dead due to the high or low voltage supply. 

So these are the steps to fix the power supply issues on the Asus router. if you have any other issues related to the Asus or other wifi router. Please comment down below; I will be very happy to fix that error for you. 

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