Why is my mail app crashing in macbook pro?

recently, I had an OS update for my mac pro, Since then, all apps are crashing in my mac. especially the mail app. Every time, I tried to switch the folders in the mail app, it shows me “mail application not responding in the taskbar” Also, my laptop was running slow before upgrading it. so … Read more

Why I Can’t Sign Into iCloud Account?

  How will you troubleshoot the iCloud sign-in problem? I Can’t sign in to my iCloud account for two days. Please help me in troubleshooting the login problem. Log in to iCloud email is very easy. Above, you’re saying you have already created your I-Cloud account. I am sure you have used your phone number … Read more

Why Is My Macbook Pro Running So Slow?

I have a MacBook pro-2016. So far, I didn’t have any complaint about it but nowadays, It is running very slow and freezing a lot. When I turn it on and put my login password. It freezes with the home screen for two minutes. So I have to leave it free for two minutes and … Read more