Why Do I Have Apple Payment Method Declined Error?

Apple payment uses to buy any product from the store or online. It is very normal that your payment got declined. Your apple payment method declined due to many reasons. In the article, you will find why your apple payment is getting a decline.

Methods to fix Apple payment method declined error

It can be several reasons for payment declined. The problem may be from your end as well as the server-side. You can fix it only from your end, not from another side.

Follow the instructions below to check and fix the apple payment method declined error.

Recheck your card details

You should recheck your debit or credit card information. We can misspell the card number or expiry date. Don’t choose the wrong payment service like visa or master.

People also forget to select options for debit or credit. They filled debit card information into the credit card place. This will decline your card and payment. Have you entered your CVV number correctly?

apple payment declined

Expiry card always do your Apple Payment Method Declined

Always check your card validity before making any payment. If your card has expired, won’t make a single payment. To confirm the validity of any card find the expiry date written on the card.

In case your card has expired, call your bank to renew it. they will send a new one. Till the time choose another mode of payment. You can make payment through Paypal, bank wire transfer.

The card already block the payment

It is very rare but possible that your card has blocked for this payment. It can be blocked due to international payment or some previous fault. In this case, you have to call your bank at the same time to confirm that your card has enabled international payment mode.

Wrong billing details also cause Apple Payment Method Declined

Some secure payment processors need the correct billing details of the card. They will not process the payment from your card if you have done a single mistake in billing. Billing details contain your name with the address given in the bank for that card.

So, remember and type the correct billing details of that particular card. Do not try multiple times payment with wrong billing details. It will block your card for security reasons.

Apple payment method declined due to low credit

Your payment will also decline if the funds in your card are getting low. In some cards, upcoming EMI becomes reserved and you can not spend above that amount. Please check your card limit or fund before making a payment to apple.

Activate pre-approved card for the payment

There are many one-time payment cards are available in the market. It is really safe to make an online payment with a one-time use card like gift cards. The problem is you have to activate those cards before making the payment otherwise it will fail your payment.

The same thing applied to the iTunes card. If you are using an iTunes card to make a payment, make sure it is activated. First, you have to redeem your card from Redeem iTunes card. After that verify the Apple pay account to make the payment.

The payment server might be down

A payment server plays a very important role during the payment process. It looks after each and every bit of payment data until the payment gets successful. Your payment will decline from the server if there is any suspicious activity.

The server keeps updating its security and during the update, it may down or won’t work. So, the payment process during this time frame will fail and gets a decline error on the screen.

You can not make payment through any card or mode if the server is down. So, just wait for few minutes and retry your payment.


So, above are few points that cause apple’s payment decline. However, you can change your computer or phone to make the payment. Might be your network is not secure. So, try to make payment with a different internet network.

I hope this post helps you to fix your apple payment decline error. Comment below if you have any questions.


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