Will Netflix’s New Password Sharing Rules Affect VPN Users?

Netflix reveals a shocking plan to limit password sharing. The California-based company will transfer by creating sub-accounts, in line with plans to monetize accounts. After allowing users to transfer their profiles to new accounts, Netflix will start letting customers create sub-accounts starting next year.

Basically, the platform wants its users to be easier to share Netflix accounts with family members who live in a different houses. However, this is only possible if you create sub-accounts or additional members.

Why People Use Account Sharing In The First Place

Netflix is ​​indeed an excellent app. There are many movies that you can watch on it. You can watch it anytime. It can be played on many devices, such as iPhone, Samsung Tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, and TV.

When we hear Netflix, we assume that it is expensive. Granted, some of us are reluctant to pay the price for a Netflix subscription because of that.

Actually, the solution is simple, use an account with a Netflix account or share a Netflix account.

Multiple people can log in to the same Netflix account if you have a premium account. For Netflix base accounts, only one account can be signed in simultaneously. However, a premium account allows four people to be signed in to the same Netflix at once.

As a result, there are many advantages to sharing a Netflix account. We recommend you to get the best package on Netflix, the Ultra HD (4K) option. You don’t have to wait for other people to watch because, in this package, four people can watch simultaneously with their respective sub-accounts. So the respective profiles will not be mixed.

So, is the Password sharing rules will affect the user’s experience? The answer is straight yes! If the rules are applied, then it’s not possible to do the same thing anymore. Each sub-account will be charged evenly, adding more costs to your wallet.

However, we understand why Netflix wants to apply the stricter rule. Sharing is only allowed for members in the same house simply because it’s a privacy issue.

Actually, their main concern is the security of user data. When a user decides to share his or her Password, it means the info in the account, such as payment and credit card number (also shared). And since these are included as sensitive data, password sharing should always be done with the person you really know or the ones closest to you.

Since the rule will be applied later on in early 2023, you can do an alternative way to make yourself stay protected. One way you may apply is by installing a VPN service. Look for a VPN with the best value for money. And since there are a lot of options available, take your time to find the one that’s balanced in both functionalities and price.

The New Password-Sharing Rules

Netflix is ​​reportedly testing a new feature to reduce usage for accounts outside of household users.

In this research, Netflix reportedly provides an additional price for users who do Password Sharing with other users who access accounts, not in the same area or house. Netflix has previously tested additional fees for account sharing in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Now the testing is being added to other countries. For example in Argentina, customers have to pay 219 pesos ($1.70), while the fee is $2.99 ​​in other countries. Previously, Netflix prohibited the use of Password Sharing for users who were not in the same house.

However, because Password Sharing has become a habit for many users, this rule has finally been changed by providing an additional subscription price.

A few months ago, Netflix announced that their number of users was dropping. This is the first time this has happened in any of the last ten years that Netflix has shared. It is predicted that this occurred due to the use of Password Sharing, which caused the company to lose up to 100 million customer accounts.

The Result

A recent report by Review.org reveals that one in four people will leave Netflix in the United States (US). Many factors support this choice, including the increased subscription fees.

Of the 1,000 respondents, a quarter said they planned to leave Netflix this year. If it does happen, that’s potentially more than 18 million Netflix subscribers unsubscribing, which is about $272 million worth of lost revenue for the company.

About 40 percent of people said they would stop subscribing to Netflix because of price increases, just under 22 percent said the reason for leaving Netflix was because a series or movie was missing on the platform, and 19.5 percent said it was because of the general cost of living.

The remaining respondents preferred other streaming services, such as Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. Netflix subscriptions are currently priced at US$9.99 for a basic subscription and US$19.99.

How To See netflix password when logged in?

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