Why Is Grammarly Not Working?

Grammarly is a popular software for editing grammar and spelling. However, some users have reported that the software is not working as expected.

In this blog section, we will discuss some of the reasons why Grammarly might not be working for you.

Some users have reported that the tool is not detecting any errors, while others say that the tool is not correcting their mistakes. One common complaint is that the tool is not identifying common grammar mistakes, such as incorrect use of articles and pronouns.

How To Fix If Grammarly Is Not Working

We use Grammarly on browsers and computers. In browsers, the Grammarly extension executes the process. For computers, we install Grammarly software or app.

So, first, you need to check the Grammarly plugin or software if it is not working. There may be a compatibility issue.

Grammarly not working on computer

Grammarly is not compatible with your computer

Grammarly is the software that must be installed on your computer to work. If your computer is not compatible with the software, then the software won’t be able to work properly. Try installing the software on a different computer and see if the problem is resolved.

Grammarly is not compatible with your browser

Grammarly has plugins that need to install on the browser. However, if your browser is not compatible with the software, then the software won’t be able to work properly. Try installing the software on a different browser and see if the problem is resolved.

How To Fix Grammarly App Is Not Working On Your Computer

The problem may be with the Grammarly software’s algorithm. Your errors are not being caught because they are not using the correct grammar rules. Some users have also reported that the tool is not recognizing certain types of punctuation.

Problems can occur in Grammarly app due to many reasons. From the options given below, check the problem occurring in your Grammarly app.

1. Update Grammarly App

An old version of the Grammarly app won’t work properly. The file you are trying to correct is not compatible with the older version of Grammarly. In this case, it won’t work and correct the issue. So, you need to keep updating Grammarly app installed on your PC.

2. Login Grammarly App

The Grammarly app only works when it is logged in even if you are using the free version. You have to create a Grammarly account and then log in with the same account on your PC.

Sign in grammarly app in your pc

3. Grammarly App Is Not Syncing With Other Software

Few third-party software won’t allow Grammarly. Grammarly won’t work if it is not syncing with the app. In this case you have to download Grammarly add on for your pc. You can get about it at add Grammarly to MS word in details.

Add grammarly add on if not working

4. Reinstall Grammarly On Your Computer

Your Grammarly may have become corrupt. Incorrect updates or viruses can damage Grammarly software. If your system has a virus then your software will not work properly.

Uninstall grammarly from computer

To fix this, first of all, uninstall the Grammarly app. Then scan the entire system with a good antivirus and remove the malware. When your computer is clean, reinstall the Grammarly app.

How To Fix Grammarly Is Not Working On Browser

Grammarly uses its extension or plugin to work on the browser. It will stop working if there is any problem with the plugin. Check below the reasons and solutions if Grammarly won’t work on your browser.

1. Reinstall Grammarly Extension

Installing again is the best fix if Grammarly is not working with your browser. There might be some extension or browser issues that won’t connect to Grammarly. In this case, you have to reinstall the Grammarly extension.

Uninstall grammarly extension

2. Turn On Grammarly In Your Browser

Some users block third-party cookies in their browsers. You have to allow Grammarly to fetch the content of your browser. Without scanning the webpage content won’t find and correct it.

Grammarly is not working due to disable extension

3. Website Is Blocking Grammarly

Few websites won’t allow using of Grammarly on their content. In that case, you can’t use Grammarly on that website. You can use Google docs to write or edit content online.

4. Sign In Again

Sometimes signing again also fixes the problem with Grammarly. You have to sign out and sign in again on your Grammarly extension. Without a login, the Grammarly app won’t work.

5. Check Internet Connection

To use Grammarly you have to connect your computer to the internet. Grammarly won’t work if you are offline. So, please check the internet connection on your PC.

6. Update Browser

There could be a syncing issue between outdated browsers with an updated Grammarly extension. You should keep up-to-date your browser to protect it from threats and bug issues.

update browser

7. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

An older saved cache can trouble while using Grammarly on the browser. You should clear the cache and cookies of the browser if Grammarly is not working.

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