Why Can’t I Sign InTo Google Account On Android Phone or Tablet?

Android & Gmail are Google’s products. That’s why android users should not have difficulty in logging into their Gmail account. 

But due to some reasons sometimes you cannot sign in to Gmail on an Android Smartphone. Often this happens due to the following reasons.

  1. You must be entering the invalid password. 
  2. Login credentials are expired or changed. 
  3. IMAP/ Pop3 servers are not active on the google account. 
  4. Application is not working properly. 
  5. Google Server issue.
  6. Network connection issue.  

So if you can’t log into the google account on android. You can make these changes into the android phone or tablet.  

Can't sign into google account on android phone

How do I Fix Can’t sign into Google account on android phone? 

Turn on the internet & Airplane mode – 

We all know, Gmail is a web service. That’s why it is necessary to have the internet available in your phone to access your Gmail account. 

If you are having sign in problems on the android smartphone, let’s begin with testing the internet. Probably, your phone is no longer connected to the internet. 

So you need to go to the settings on the android phone. here you need to enable the mobile data or WiFi.

Note- Do not forget to disable the airplane/DND services, if you found them active.

Reset the Gmail password – 

If you can’t access the gmail account on an android phone due to the incorrect password error. You should reset the Gmail password

  1. Open the android browser or google chrome. 
  2. Go to the Gmail.com 
  3. Tap on the sign in button. 
  4. Enter the Google mail address and click on the next button. 
  5. Tap on the forgot password
  6. Here, you need to verify the account ownership
  7. Now enter your new password
  8. Click on the Done button. 

After resetting the Gmail password, you should sign into the google account using the new password.

Turn on the IMAP/POp3 Servers- 

If your Gmail account is not syncing with the android phone while using the correct password. You should get into the Gmail webmail. Here you need to check the imap & pop servers. If these are not active, you need to turn them on. 

  1. Open the gmail account
  2. Click on the settings
  3. Now click on the see all settings
  4. Click on the Forwarding & Pop imap tab. 
  5. Select the Enable IMAP option. 
  6. Scroll down and click on the Save changes

Clear the App cache-

Sometimes, users can’t sign into their google account due to the app issue. So if you are having trouble adding the gmail account on an android phone, please clear the cache. 

  1. Tap & Hold the Gmail app
  2. Press the App info button. 
  3. Now click on the Storage usage
  4. Tap on the clear cache
  5. Now tap on the clear data

After deleting the app data & cache. You should reopen the gmail app. Now add the gmail account into the android phone again. 

Unblock the Device on Gmail – 

When Gmail doesn’t think your device is secure, it can block sign in access. Because of which you cannot login to Gmail on an Android phone even after typing the correct password. In such a situation, you have to unblock your device on Gmail.

  1. Let’s open the browser. 
  2. Go to the https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity
  3. Sign into the google account. 
  4. Here, you see your android phone, click on this was me
  5. Now you can go back to the Gmail app and sign into the Gmail account. 

Update the Mail application- 

If you are using the older version of Gmail app in the android phone, you can have trouble accessing google accounts. To fix that, you need to update the Gmail app. 

  1. Go to the playstore
  2. Tap on the google profile icon. 
  3. Click on the manage apps & devices
  4. Press the update button available next to the Gmail app. 


Overall, Gmail login problems appear on the android phone due to the account credentials, application or network settings.

Some basic questions asked by Gmail android users- 

Why Can’t I Sign into google account on android phone after reset? 

If you can’t sign into the google account on android phone after reset, you should change the following settings. 

  1. Check the password– make sure that the password is correct. 
  2. Update the application – Go to the play store and update the current Gmail application. 
  3. Check the internet & Gmail server– do not forget to check the Internet and gmail service status. Make sure that they both are active. 

Gmail keeps asking for an 8 digit pin? What is that? 

It is a backup recovery code. If you don’t have that, you can sign into the gmail account by using another way to sign in. For more details, you can visit: what is 8 digit code in gmail

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