Why Is Gmail Not Letting Me Sign In On Android Phone / Tablet?

Why is Gmail not letting me sign in? this is a very common error that appears on your device due to the technical issues on the phone or computer.

Gmail and Android phones are Google products, so technically, Gmail accounts should sync easily across Android phones and tablets, and they do.

But sometimes the situation may turn against you as a result of which you will not be able to access your Gmail account.

Usually, Gmail doesn’t sign in on the android phone because of the incorrect user credentials. However, sometimes, It may happen because of the other following reasons.

  1. Account login credentials are incorrect or changed.
  2. Internet connection issue on the android device.
  3. IMAP & pop3 settings are active on the Gmail account.
  4. Unable to verify the Two-Step Account Authentication.
  5. Application is out of date or not working.
Can't Sign into Gmail account on android phone

How Do I Fix Gmail Sign in Problems In Android Phone?

1. Check the internet connection –

Before we do anything, we should start with basics first. so you need to check your internet connection. make sure it is stable.

If you are using the mobile data for internet, you need to ensure that it is enabled. also, you can turn off and turn on the mobile data for refreshing purpose.

However, if you are using the wireless network, please go to the wireless settings on your phone, and make sure that your phone is connected to the WiFi Network.

2. Verify Username And Password –

It may sound easy but you must check the username and password when you can’t log in. So many times, users are unable to access the google account on their android due to same error. They often type the incorrect username or password while settings up the password.

Also, If you aren’t sure about it, you may reset the google password. now try to log into the Gmail account using the new password.

3. Update Gmail Application –

An Outdated application can also lead you to the Gmail account login problems on the android phone. so you must check for the update on playstore. if you find any update for your Gmail app. you need to go ahead and update it.

  1. Open the Playstore.
  2. Type Gmail in the search box.
  3. Now you will see the gmail app, tap on it. now tap on the update button.

4. Clear Gmail Cache:

Sometimes, an excessive app and data can block the sign in problems on gmail account, So you need to clear the app cache.

  1. Tap & hold the Gmail app.
  2. Press App Info.
  3. Now tap on the App Data.
  4. Tap on the Clear Cache.
  5. Now Clear the App Data As well.

After cleaning up the App cache, you can setup the Gmail account on the android phone again. It should let you sign in on the android phone.

5. Check Gmail Server Status-

Sometimes, Gmail users can’t sign into their Android phone because of the server issues. when Gmail servers are down, you won’t be able to access it on your devices.

So you need to go to the down detector, here you need to inspect the Gmail server status. If you find that there is a delay in the google server status.

6. Enable Imap settings –

When you can’t access the Gmail account on android after using the correct login credentials. you need to check the imap settings. Let’s go to the account settings, here you need to update the imap settings.

  1. Open Gmail Account.
  2. Tap on the Settings.
  3. Click on the See All Settings.
  4. Press Pop/Imap and forwarding settings.
  5. Enable IMAP

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