How Do I Setup TP-Link Wireless Router For The First Time?

The TP-Link Wireless Routers are mostly known for small networks. If you have less than 20 devices in the home or office. you can use this router to create a new network.

The Tp-Link routers are loaded with many useful features like- parental control, DMZ services etc. Also, it comes with the easy user interface. So users can easily manage their home or office network without having much technical knowledge about networks.

As per performance wise, It will not drop the internet connection due to the heating issue unlike the other routers. But It can be tricky for new users to install the tp-link router for the first time.

If you have recently bought a new tp-link wireless router and don’t know how to setup it? This article can help you in installation process. so, follow the steps to given below.

setup tp-link wireless router

What is the requirement for installing the tp-link wireless router?

  1. Ethernet cable.
  2. Active internet connection.
  3. Information about internet connection (Type of connection, ip address etc.)
  4. Computer or tablet to setup the router.

How do I setup the TP-Link Wireless Router for the first time?

There are two ways to install the tp-link wireless router in the home or office network.

  1. Basic method.
  2. Advance method.

In this article, I am sharing both methods, you can begin with the basic methods. If you fail in configuring the router through basic setup, use the advanced method.

Basic method to install the tp-link wireless router-

  1. Unbox the TP-link Router.
  2. Connect the wireless antenna on the router.
  3. Now take an ethernet cable and connect it from your modem to the internet (WAN) port of the tp-link router.
  4. Take an another ethernet cable and connect it from the Router’s LAN port to the computer.
  5. Now plugin the power cable on the router and then reboot the wireless router on the computer too.
  6. Wait at least 3 minutes or until you see the static lights on the router.
  7. Now open the web browser and then try to access the internet on the computer.

Advanced method to install the TP-link wireless router-

If you can’t install the tp-link wireless router through basic method. Do not worry, here are the guide to advance guide to configure the the router.

  1. Let’s open the web browser on the computer.
  2. Type- on the address bar and press the enter button.
  3. Enter the user’s name and password for your router. The default Login is admin (enter it in both username and password box). It this doesn’t work. Please look at the bottom of the router, you will find your username & password there.
  4. Click on the quick setup button accessible from the left menu.
  5. Press the next button.
  6. Now select the auto detect option and press the next button again. (If you have Some other connection type shown in the list. Choose that one).
  7. Click No on the mac cloning and Hit the next button again.
  8. Now choose the wireless frequency and then press the next.
  9. Now Configure the wireless connection (rename the network name and password etc.) and press the next button.
  10. Finally, your tp-link router panel show the connection successful message on the screen.

You may now go ahead and connect your devices to the wireless network. Now try to access the internet. let’s see is it working now or not?


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