How To Replace Drum Unit On Brother Printer? [Complete Guide]

When you are using the brother LaserJet printer. you might see replace drum error after every month. If you are a new LaserJet printer user. You might not have any idea about the drum and it’s important.  Due to which, Some basic questions might arise in your brain like-

  • What is Drum in brother printer?
  • What does Replace drum error mean on the brother MFC, DCP or other Printers?
  • How do I Know If My Drum is bad?
  • How to replace or install the Drum On brother printer?

Here in this article, we will clear all queries related to the Drum issues. So keep reading this article till the end.

What is Drum in brother printer?

A drum is a vital part of the brother LaserJet printer. It is a green coloured electrically charged metal cylinder that brings the ink powder from the toner cartridge and spray on the cartridge during the printing process. The drum is attached into the toner cartridge assembly.

What does replace Drum error mean on the Brother printer?

When brother printer is showing replace drum error on the screen. It shows that the drum is not in working condition anymore.

Each drum is capable of printing the 15,000 pages in it’s lifespan. If you are using the refilled ink cartridge, then it will get bad after 3 to 4 cartridge toner replacement.

Apart from this, the second reason is that the toner pulls the ink powder from the cartridge, and as we all know that the ink powder is in the form of small particles. When these particles hit the cylinder repeatedly. So, some scratches also come on it. Due to which it becomes bad.

In that a case, you may also face, brother printer leaving black Spots on the paper issue.

How do I Know If my cartridge toner Is bad?

If you want to know about the symptoms of drum is getting bad. Here are the list of those things.

Blurry print/ poor print quality- When drums are not functioning properly, you will start getting the Blurry prints or poor printing issue. Even if you will increase the print quality from the settings, there will be no effect on the print settings.

Black spots- When Corona wires or drums are broken. You will start getting the black spots or streaks on the paper. In such a case, you have to change the drum on the brother printer.

Check through Printer panel-

You can also check the life of drum unit through machine info function on the brother printer. For that, you have follow the steps given below.

  • Power on the brother machine.
  • Press the menu button.
  • Go to the machine info.
  • Press the ok button.
  • Now select the Parts life option.
  • Press the ok button.
  • Go to the drum life option and then click on the ok button.
  • Finally, your machine will display the remaining life of drum.

How to replace the drum On Brother printer?

If you bought a new drum & want to change the drum on the brother printer but don’t know how to do that? Here are the complete guide to installing the new drum unit.

Step 1- Install the new drum unit-

  • Power on the brother machine.
  • Open the front cover of the brother printer.
  • Take out the cartridge assembly gently.
  • Unlock the drum unit by pushing down the green lock lever.
  • Take out the Drum unit.
  • Now Unbox the new Drum unit.
  • Insert the toner cartridge into the new drum unit.
  • Clean the corona wire by sliding the green left to right multiple times.
  • Insert the drum unit into the printer.
  • Close the front cover.

Step 2- Clear the replace error on the printer-

Once you will change the drum unit on the brother printer, you need to go back to the machine info to detect the drum unit.

  • Press the settings.
  • Go to the all settings and push the ok button.
  • Select the machine info.
  • Click on the ok button
  • Go to the parts life and press the ok.
  • Press and hold the drum option.
  • Finally, press the Yes button.

Now press the home button to exit from machine info section. In case, if brother printer is still showing the replace drum error. Please reset the drum unit on the brother printer.

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