How To Remove Yahoo Search From Safari?

There was a time when the Yahoo search engine used to be the favorite home page of people, but now most people avoid it because Yahoo search is no longer able to give accurate results to the users. Because of this, people keep Google as their default search engine in their browsers.

But sometimes the queries are redirected to Yahoo search despite Google being the default search engine on Safari browser. Generally, it is often caused by viruses, spyware, or malicious scripts.

So if you want to remove the yahoo search from the safari browser, you must delete the malicious scripts first. After that, you need to set up the default search engine. Wanna know how? Keep following the steps given below. 

How to remove the yahoo search from the safari browser? 

Delete the suspicious extensions/ tools- 

When safari redirects you to the yahoo search, you should look into the extensions. Mostly you have installed some such extension, which is turning your default search engine. So if you see any such extension, you must immediately remove it from the Safari browser.

  1. Open the Safari browser. 
  2. Go to the Settings/ Preferences. 
  3. Click on the Extensions
  4. Now choose the malicious extension
  5. Click on the Uninstall button. 

Remove the Malicious Scripts, spyware- 

If you don’t find any suspicious extension in the safari browser, your queries are still redirected to the yahoo search. Please scan your mac pc with malware bytes anti-malware. 

  1. Open the malware bytes. 
  2. Click on the Full scan. 
  3. Once the scan is completed, you need to click on the quarantine. 
  4. Now click on the delete items. 

Uninstall the malicious apps – 

Sometimes, safari might redirect to a yahoo search because of the malicious apps. So you need to open the application manager on the MacBook. If you see any unknown application, you need to remove it from the pc. 

  1. Click on the Finder
  2. Go to the apps/ Applications
  3. Uninstall the malicious apps from pc. 

Clear the cache & history- 

Once you delete the extensions & apps, you need to clear the cache & history from safari. 

  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Click on the History button. 
  3. Now click on Clear History

Select Google as your default browser- 

After clearing the cache and browsing data, you must select google as your default search engine.

  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Now click on the search button
  4. Press the Search Engine
  5. Choose the search engine as google or whatever you like. 

Once you will select the default search engine. Your default search engine will be chosen on the safari. 

Reset The Safari – 

If you have used the above steps, Yahoo is still hijacking the safari browser. You can reset the browser to the factory settings. So your browser will remove all additional scripts and run on the basic settings. 

How Do I Stop Yahoo from Hijacking My Browser in safari? 

If you have removed the yahoo search redirection in safari, now you want to secure it for the future. So you can be safe from hijacking. 

You have to take a few precautions to secure the browser from hijacking. 

Never install third-party tools – Do not download or install the extensions from third-party websites. 

Do not install the cracked application – 

Do not install the cracked software into your pc. These kinds of applications can contain harmful or hijacking scripts. 

Keep the protection On – you should always use the antivirus & firewall on the pc. 

Do not download pirated movies – 

You should always ignore downloading pirated movies and songs from untrusted websites. These websites may contain harmful scripts which can hijack safari or other applications. 

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