How To Fix My Epson Printer Says Offline On Windows 10 Pc?

Last night my dad was printing reports with an Epson printer. Then suddenly the electricity in our area went out and came back after about 20 minutes. When he tried to print again, So the error message of the Epson printer offline started popping up on his Windows 10 computer. Because he doesn’t have much technical knowledge, he got a little scared and thought it better to take help from me than to troubleshoot himself.

So I went to his office, and within minutes his Epson printer was back to showing up online on Windows 10.

Also, I thought of writing a detailed article on Epson Printer Offline. So that if any other Epson user is also facing this problem in Windows 10 or 11 computer, then with the help of this article, he can activate his Printer.

epson printer says offline windows 10

Why Does my Epson Printer keep saying it’s offline on a Windows 10 computer? 

The Epson Printer keeps saying an offline error appears on the Windows 10 computer because of the connection problem. When your computer cannot identify the Printer, it will show you the offline mistake, which can happen for the following reasons. 

  • The Printer is not connected to the Wireless router. 
  • Printer & computers are not in the same network. 
  • The computer is trying to connect with the invalid property. 
  • Firmware or Driver related issues. 
  • Firewall/antivirus are blocking the connection. 

How Do I Change My Epson Printer From Offline To Online On Windows 10 computer? 

Power cycle the Devices – 

Whenever your Epson printer says offline on a Windows 10 laptop/desktop, you should begin with power cycling the computer in the following sequence. 

Reboot the printer

  • First of all, unplug the power cable from your Epson machine. Now wait for 10-15 seconds and then plug it back in. 
  • Power off the router for a minute and then turn it on
  • Now reboot the computer once. 

After rebooting the computer, you should check the status on your computer. Do you see your Epson printer online or not? 

Check the Network Connection- 

If you are using the Epson wireless/ network printer, it keeps showing an offline error on the windows 10 computer. Please make sure that your Epson should be connected to the network. If it is not connected, you need to go to the settings on the Epson printer and set up the wireless connection

  • Open the setup/settings on your Printer. 
  • Go to the network settings
  • Now click on the wireless setup wizard
  • Here, you need to enable the wifi
  • Tap on your wifi name.
  • Now enter the wireless password
  • Press the ok or connect button. 

In case, If your Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi, you need to reset the network settings and then set up the connection again. 

Keep the Printer and network in the same network- 

So many times, Users are getting Epson printer offline errors on Windows 10 because of the network problem. Their computer and printers are not on the same network, which is why the computer cannot find the Printer. 

So When you see an offline error on the computer, you need to check the wireless connection on the Printer and computer. Make sure that they are available in a similar network. 

Plugin the Printer through different USB Slot-

If you are using the printer through a USB cable on Windows 10, it keeps popping up the offline error. I advise you to unplug the printer and plug it into a different slot.

Now check if your Epson printer is coming online on a Windows 10 computer or not? 

Uncheck The Epson Printer offline Option- 

In Windows 10, There is a separate feature to mark your device as offline. If you enable that feature, Your Printer will be shown offline. So when you see the Epson printer says offline error on windows 10, you need to go to the printer settings and uncheck the printer offline feature. 

Windows default printer

  • Open the Run box
  • Type control and press the ok button. 
  • Click on the devices and printers
  • Right-click on the Epson printer
  • Uncheck the Use printer offline option. 

Select the Epson printer as default- 

Sometimes, Users might be giving the print command to the different print properties. That’s why you might be seeing the offline error on the Printer. So you need to select the Epson machine as a default printer and then retry to print the documents. 

  • Open the control panel
  • Click on the devices and printers
  • Right-click on the Epson property
  • Click on the set as the default printer

Re-add the Printer – 

If you have tried all these options but can’t get the Epson printer back online on a windows 10 pc. So you need to remove the printer properties and then re-add it again. 

  • Open the control panel
  • Click on the devices and printers
  • Right-click on the Epson printer property. 
  • Click on the remove device
  • If you see any message, click on the yes
  • Now press the add printer button. 
  • Select the Printer
  • Click on the finish button. 

Firewall & Antivirus Issue- 

Sometimes, Windows 10 cannot find the Printer because of the firewall or antivirus issues. That’s why It will keep showing you the offline error.  

windows firewall

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Click on the windows defender firewall
  3. Press the turn windows defender firewall on or off
  4. Now turn off the firewall for public and private networks

If you are also using some antivirus on your computer. You need to disable the antivirus on the computer. 

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Reinstall The Epson Driver- 

If you have tried all these steps, your Epson printer still says offline on a Windows 10 computer. You need to uninstall the current Epson driver from your pc and then install the latest version of the driver.

  • Open the Run box
  • Type appwiz.cpl
  • Now click on the ok button. 
  • Now select the Epson Printer
  • Click on the Uninstall button. 
  • Click on the yes button to begin the uninstallation process. 
  • Follow the process to uninstall the driver.
  • Now Download the new driver from Epson’s official website

Once the Epson driver is downloaded, you need to run it on your computer to install the Printer. 

So these are the steps to get the Epson printer back online on a windows 10 computer. In case if you have some other issues with the Epson printer. You need to comment down below for assistance. 

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