How To Add Contacts At Yahoo Mail?

Do you want to add someone to your yahoo contact list? Let’s open the yahoo mailbox on your pc. Now go to the contacts section, and click on the Add a new contact button. Here, you can add the contact details and create a new account. 

Getting confused? Do not panic, here is the complete tutorial about how to add a new contact to your yahoo mail account. So simply follow the instructions given below. 

How to add contacts at yahoo mail account?

How To Add the Contacts To Yahoo Mail Account? 

  • Let’s open the browser on your computer or smartphone. 
  • Go to, and press the sign-in button. 
  • Let’s log into the yahoo mail account. Yahoo mailbox
  • Click on the contacts button available on the right side of the mailbox. Yahoo contacts
  • Now click on the menu button shown as the three horizontal dots. 
  • Click on the add a new contactadd new contact
  • Please enter the contact name, email address & Phone number
  • Hit the save button on yahoo contact list. save the contact details

How To Create a new contact in the yahoo android App? 

If you want to create a new contact in yahoo mail by using the android app, please follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Let’s open the yahoo mail app. 
  2. Sign in to the yahoo mail account (If you haven’t sign in yet). 
  3. Click on the More button. 
  4. Now tap on the people button. 
  5. Here, you need to tap on the view all button. 
  6. Finally, you will be able to see the yahoo contact list, you need to click on the + button. 
  7. Please enter the name, company name, and title
  8. Now you can add the contact details like- email address, name, and phone number. 
  9. Press the save button. 

So these are the steps to add the contacts in yahoo mail. In case, If you want to delete the contacts from your yahoo mail account. You can click on that contact and then press the delete button. 

Where is the contact button in yahoo mail? 

The contacts button is available on the right side of the yahoo mailbox. So once you open the yahoo mailbox, you need to look at the right side of the mailbox. Here you will see a bunch of icons like- contacts, calendars, notepad & settings. 

Why Can’t I Add the Contacts In Yahoo Mail? 

If you fail in adding the contacts in a yahoo mail account, it can happen due to the browser or account settings issue.

Check the server status – if you are getting an unexpected error while creating the contacts on yahoo, please check the server status. Make sure that yahoo is not going through any technical glitches in the background. 

Use a new browser – Sometimes, yahoo users are unable to add contacts because of the browser issue. So you should log in to the yahoo account on the new browser.  

Now try to create a new contact. If you can create a contact using a new browser. It means, the problem is within the browser itself. So you need to optimize and update the browser. 

Optimize the yahoo mail application – If you are unable to create a contact on the yahoo mail application. You should clear the app cache. Now sign in to your account again.

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