Change Belkin Wifi Password To Secure Network?

When you configure a new Belkin wireless router in the network. You must have to secure the wireless by creating a password. So you can block outsiders from joining the network if you don’t know how to create a wireless password on the Belkin router. Do not worry; this guide will assist you in making the new wireless password. 

How to change the wifi password on belkin router

How To Change The Wifi Password On The Belkin Router? 

If you forgot the wifi password of the Belkin router and now want to reset it. You can easily do it by making the changes given below. 

Change wireless password on belkin router

  1. Connect the computer to the Belkin router through an ethernet/wireless connection. 
  2. Power on the computer and router. 
  3. Now open the web browser, and type the router’s ip address. Generally, it is 
  4. If you don’t know the router’s ip address. Please run the ipconfig command to find the ip address. 
  5. Click on the Dashboard and press the advanced settings
  6. Enter the admin password for the Belkin router. 
  7. Under the wifi section, Click on security
  8. Select the authentication mode as WPA/WPA2 PSK
  9. Finally, Enter the New password on the Belkin router.
  10. Press the Save button. 

Once the password is changed, you may try to connect the device to the wireless network using the new password. In case if you have any trouble in connecting to Netflix. First, you need to remove the current wifi profile from the computer or other device and then retry to connect with the new password. For more details, you can visit: why is my Asus laptop not connecting to wifi?

How do I change the Admin password on the Belkin router? 

If you can’t log into the Belkin dashboard and it keeps showing you the incorrect password error. It means you are entering the wrong admin password during the login session. 

Generally, you can find the default password at the bottom of the Belkin router, but if you had changed the password, now you have forgotten it. Please reset the router first. Now set up the Belkin router. 

Finally, your router will start accepting the default password. In case if you want to change the default admin password on the Belkin router. Please follow the steps given below. 

  1. Open the Belkin router dashboard
  2. Under the utility tab, click on the system settings
  3. Please enter the default password in the current password section. 
  4. Now enter the new password and confirm it again. 
  5. Press the save button. 

Finally, the new admin password will be saved in the Belkin router. If you try to access the Belkin dashboard, you have to enter the same password in the future. 

How do I find the wifi password on the Belkin router through an iphone or iPad? 

If you want to see the Belkin wifi password on the iPhone or iPad. Connect it to the Belkin router through a wireless network. Now follow the procedure given below. 

  1. Open the safari or another browser. 
  2. Enter Belkin’s default gateway, 
  3. Now click on the login button and enter the admin password. 
  4. Once you get back to the Belkin dashboard, press the advanced settings. 
  5. Under the wireless section, click on the security button. 
  6. Finally, you will see the password for your network. 

In case if the Dashboard is not showing the password, press the show password button. 

Faqs Related To the Belkin Router? 

What is the password for the Belkin wifi router?

 If you are using the older version of the router, there will be no password on it. You have to leave the password box blank while logging into the Dashboard. 

But if you are using the Smart wireless router, you will find the admin password at the back of the router. 

What is the default password for the Belkin n600 router? 

So go there and find the password for the admin or wireless router. The password will be written at the bottom of the Belkin router. In case if you have changed it, then this password will not work. In such a case, you have to reset the router. 

How do I change the wifi name on the Belkin router? 

If you want to change the wireless name on the Belkin router, Here is the guide to do that. 

  1. Open the Belkin router dashboard on the computer. 
  2. Go to the advanced settings. 
  3. Click on the Network name option. 
  4. Enter the network name for your wireless password. 
  5. Now press the apply changes button. 

So this was the guide to change the password on the Belkin wifi router. In case if you need some assistance related to the Belkin router. Please comment down below.

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