How do I change line spacing in Yahoo Mail?

Do you want to fix a line spacing in yahoo mail? I can help you in doing so through this article. So keep following the instructions Given in this article. 

Before you go to the How-to section, let us first understand what line spacing is. And in what type of mailbox can it be fixed?

A line is vertical space between two paragraphs in an email or document. There are three types of line spacing available in the Yahoo mailbox. Small, medium, and large spaces. 

In technical space, you can device small space as a single space, medium as 1.5, and large as double space. 

How do I change line spacing in Yahoo Mail?

  1. Let’s connect the computer to the Internet and launch the browser. 
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your yahoo user id and password
  4. Press the sign-in button. 
  5. Click on the settings icon available on the right side of the mailbox. 
  6. Let’s scroll down to reach the inbox spacing. 
  7. Choose the inbox spacing type as small, medium, or large, whatever you want. 

 Once you change the line space from the yahoo settings, you will see the immediate changes in the yahoo mail account. 

Can you double space in yahoo mail? 

Yes, you can double space in yahoo mail. For that, you need to select the inbox spacing as large. Also, if you want to disable the double space in your yahoo inbox, shift it back to the medium or small space. 

Can I Change the line spacing in Yahoo Basic/Classic Mode? 

This feature is available for the newest yahoo template only. So, if you are using the basic/classic version of yahoo mail. I am afraid to inform you that You cannot change the spacing in the yahoo basic/classic mode option.  

In that a case, you need to switch it to the newest version first. Now you can change the line spacing for your yahoo inbox. 

Can I Change the Line space on yahoo iPhone or android phone? 

Yahoo mobile apps do not have the feature to adjust the line space. So you will get the single spacing on the mailbox by default. 

However, in some android phones, you will get the option to change the default system line space. Through this, you can change the spacing on your android device.  

Where is the settings icon available on yahoo mail? 

If you are using the newest version of yahoo mail, you will see the settings icon on the right-side of the mailbox, next to the Contacts, calendar & Notepad icons. 

Meanwhile, if you are using the classic/ Basic version of yahoo mail, you can access the settings icon by using the instructions below. 

  1. Open the yahoo mail account
  2. Click on the account info dropdown menu available next to your profile name. 
  3. Now click on the settings

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How do you change the message layout in yahoo?

Simply log into the yahoo mail account. now click on the settings button. here, you can change the message layout.

Why Can’t I see Change in Line space?

Generally, it happens because of the browser cookies or cache issue. so once you make the changes into the line spacing settings. you should refresh the mailbox once.

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