Fix Asus Laptop Running Slow Problem Windows 10

A laptop working slow issue has always been a trending issue. Every day, more than a hundred users coming across the world, and looking for the solution to speed up their laptop. The same case happens with the Asus users as well. Almost 6 out of 10 users are reporting for Asus laptop running slow problem during work.

Each time they try to load some program, it starts showing not responding error, and sometimes it sucks on the same display.

Why is the Asus laptop running slow?

  1. Files are not organized.
  2. The drive needs to be clean up.
  3. Low hardware configuration.
  4. Boot up manager is filled with unnecessary programs.
  5. Virus or malware issue.

Speed Up Your Asus Laptop On Windows 10?

Nowadays every laptop is working on windows 10. Microsoft is trying to make Windows 10 Operating system smoother. Still, laptops are facing slow working issues.

Here are the good and easy steps through which you can speed up your windows 10 Asus laptop. Try them to get solve your Asus laptop running slow problem.

Clean The Prefetch Files-

  • Let’s initiate the run box by pressing the Windows + R key.
  • Please type Prefetch into the box and press the ok button.
  • Press CTRL + A to select all files, and then press the delete button.
  • Now you will see a confirmation pop up window, click on yes.

Run Drive Cleaner-

After deleting the prefetch files run a drive cleaner program into your computer. To do so, you can make these actions.

  • Let’s start with open the run box again. (using the Windows + R Key on your keyboard)
  • Please enter the cleanmgr into the box and press the ok button.
  • Select the drive ‘C://’ and press the ok button once again.
  • Further, your computer will start scanning for memory errors and dump files. It may take some time.
  • Here, you will able to see the list of folders that needs to be cleaned; you need to put a checkmark on all of them and click on the ok button.
  • Finally, you will see a popup window, click on delete files.

Now it will begin deleting the files; This process may take some time. So you need to wait until it removes all data.

Run System File Scan-

In case if your laptop gets shut down accidentally, it may create many issues. Your windows can get corrupt file systems as well as bad sectors due to sudden shutdown.

A laptop can not perform well if system files are not correctly organized, or there are some bad sectors in the hard drive. You have to also deal with the slow performance issue.

File systems and bad sectors can be repaired easily. Microsoft windows have repairing system files program inbuilt. Start the rebuild damaged files follow the steps below:

  • Begin the command prompt in the admin mode (start >> type cmd >> right click on command prompt >> click run as administrator).
  • Please insert the sfc /scannow in the command prompt and push the enter key on your keyboard.
  • Now your windows 10 will start scanning the system files, It may take several minutes, so you need to wait till that time.
  • Once windows will complete the system scan, restart your Asus computer.

Scan Your Computer To Remove The Virus-

Viruses & malware are the major reason for creating issues on any electronic device. Unwanted threats or viruses slow down your laptop.

In such a case, you should scan your pc with a good antivirus. Antivirus cleaner can remove all viruses from your computer and boost up the speed.

There are many antivirus brands available nowadays. You should go with trustworthy and running brands from before. Apart from that, you can choose your antivirus cleaner according to use and budget.

Remove The Undesired Programs-

Many programs use extra RAM and processing of the laptop. Some of them keep running in the background even after close. So, keeping useless installed program always create the slow performance.

Each program consumes little space and memory of the laptop. So you should uninstall all applications that are useless for you.

After removing the software, you have to reboot your pc once.

To uninstall the program, you can follow these actions:

  1. Open the program and features window.
  2. Select your application, and click on uninstall.

Now follow the steps to remove the program.

The Hard Drive Is Full-

ASUS laptop can prompt the ‘Disk full error’ message on your screen. It means you need to clean up the drive because there is no space left to use.

In this case, you can move some files from C: drive and desktop to another drive (Like D: OR E:). Otherwise, you have to take a back up of your data on a secondary drive and delete all data to make it free.

Remove The Programs From Startup Manager-

The slow startup of the laptop is a very general issue almost everyone faces. Windows 10 has worked a lot on it and reduces boot up time.

In case you have a slow startup issue on using windows 10, remove unused startup programs. Lots of applications running in the task manager causes Asus laptop is booting slow issue.

To remove the programs from the task manager, you can follow these steps.

  • Let’s begin the run box again.
  • Type MSConfig and push the ok button.
  • Click on the startup tab.
  • Uncheck all programs, which don’t need to be load while booting.
  • Now click on the apply and Ok key.

Update The Windows-

Microsoft releases so many updates every year. Some people find it irritating that’s why they disable the windows update.

Non-updated windows can’t sync with the latest security patches and software. As a result, you might be having outdated software and starts slow performance issue on windows 10 PC.

So you should keep your windows up to date.

Clean The Processor Fan And Heatsink-

Asus laptop also runs slow due to dust inside the processor fan. The processor fan sucks air from outside and throws on the heatsink of the processor. Air contains tiny dust particles and keeps collecting on the heatsink.

When your processor fan or heatsink would cover with the dust, stops cooling down the processor. The heat of the processor won’t release and it slows down the processing. As a result, your Asus laptop may start hanging issue.

  • Open back lid of the laptop.
  • Remove processor fan cover.
  • Use an air blower and clean the processor fan as well as the heatsink.

Upgrade The Hardware-

An old Asus laptop with a low hardware configuration can be another reason for running a slow problem. In such a case, you should upgrade the hardware of your computer.

As per today’s requirement, you must have at least 4 GB RAM with intel core i3 processor.

Then only it will work faster.

Reinstall The OS-

After following the above instructions, if your Asus laptop is still running too slow, in the last format your computer and install a new OS into your computer.

Note- Keep in mind, while you will format the pc; it may lose all software as well as drivers. So, you should take a backup of them.

In case you have any suggestions or doubts related to the Asus laptop, please let us know via comment.

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