Why Is Asus Laptop WIFI Not Working? [Best*]

Do you have WIFI connectivity issues on an Asus laptop? In reality, this is a critical error that baffles a lot of Asus notebook users.

When an Asus laptop doesn’t connect to wifi, you might see one of these errors:

  • No network is available. 
  • I can’t connect to this Network. 
  • The wifi Is turned off.  

So, why does my Asus laptop have no wifi, and how do I fix it? Do not worry, we are here to tell you about reasons & solutions for the asus wifi problem. 

Why Is my Asus laptop Suddenly Not Working? 

Primarily, an Asus laptop does not detect the WIFI when you disable the adapter or signal broadcasting on the Router. However, if you can’t connect it to the wireless Network, there can be many following reasons- 

  • The network name or password is invalid. 
  • Wifi profile conflict issue. 
  • Wireless services need to respond. 
  • The adapter needs to be fixed. 
  • Wireless drivers are corrupted/ outdated. 
  • Windows need to be updated. 

How do I fix an Asus Laptop that won’t connect to wifi? 

When an Asus laptop wifi is not working, let’s reboot the Router & laptop once. After that, you should re-attempt to join the wifi. If that doesn’t work, please make these changes into the pc and network. 

1. Turn on the WIFI On the Laptop – 

When your Asus laptop is not showing the WIFI network, first of all, make sure whether the wifi adapter is on in your computer or not. If you have accidentally turned off your wifi, then turn it on.

You can use the physical button present in the laptop to turn on the WIFI. Usually, it is present on the hot (function) keys depending on the laptop model. But in most laptops, the F2 button enables and disables functionality.

Settings on windows

If you cannot activate WIFI using the physical button, then you can take the help of Windows settings.

  • Press the Windows + X button. 
  • Press the Settings option. 
  • Now click on the Network & Internet option. 
  • Turn on the WIFI Now.

2. Keep the Laptop nearby the Router- 

As we all know, routers can broadcast signals upto 10 meters only. So when you keep your laptop away from your computer. You may get weak signals. Due to this, you may have to deal with the connectivity issue. 

So you need to keep the Router nearby the Router.  

3. Enable The Broadcasting On Router- 

You should check the router settings when you see other available networks in the Asus notebook but can’t see your wifi name. Most probably, you have disabled the wifi Broadcasting on your Router.

Enable the broadcasting

That’s why you can’t see it. So you have to open the router admin dashboard and enable the signal broadcasting.

  • Open the Router admin dashboard
  • Go to the Wireless settings
  • Click on the wireless Network. 
  • Enable the network broadcasting for 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. 
  • Click on the save changes button. 

4. Disable/Enable The Wireless Adapter- 

Sometimes, the Asus notebook won’t show the available Network because of the adapter issue. So you need to Disable the Wifi Adapter.  Now wait for 5 seconds & turn it on. 

Disable the wifi driver
  • Press the Windows + X button. 
  • Go to the Device manager
  • Double press the Network adapter
  • Right-click on the wifi Adapter
  • Click on the Disable.
  • Now wait a minute, right-click on the adapter, and press the enable button.  

5. Delete The Existing WIFI Profile – 

If you are getting can’t connect to this wifi network error on your Asus laptop. This could happen due to the incorrect wifi profile. You have recently changed the wifi password. 

forget this network

So you need to delete the existing wifi profile by clicking on the forget button. After that, join the wifi on the asus laptop through a new password. 

  • Tap on the wifi icon available in the taskbar. 
  • Right-click on the Wireless Network
  • Press the forget button. 
  • Now tap on the wifi name –>> Connect
  • Enter your wifi password
  • Press the connect button. 

6. Run Troubleshooting Program – 

When an Asus laptop won’t connect to wifi, you need to run the windows troubleshooting program to diagnose the issue. 

Windows troubleshooting program
  • Open the Control panel
  • Jump into the Troubleshooting section. 
  • Press the Network and internet
  • Open the Run
  • Type Devmgmt.msc and press the ok button.
  • Go to the Network & internet >> Network Adapter.
  • Now press the next button. 
  •  Choose the wireless adapter
  • Once your pc will diagnose the issue, click on the apply to fix button. 
  • Finally, press the finish button.

7. Update the WIFI Driver – 

Sometimes, you may have no wifi issue on the Asus laptop due to the Driver issue. Due to this, when you try to connect to the wifi network.

update the wifi driver

It will show you some errors like inability to connect, no wifi, etc. To fix this error, you must click the Asus laptop to the internet via ethernet. Now update the Wireless driver. 

  1. Right-click on the Wireless adapter
  2. Press the updated driver. 
  3. Click on the search automatically for drivers. 
  4. Finally, click on the Finish button. 

8. Restart The WLAN service- 

Sometimes the reason for the ‘Asus laptop not connecting to wifi’ can be wifi services. When WLAN Services in Windows do not respond, the adapter does not work. In this condition, you have to restart the wireless services.

WLAN services
  •  Launch the Run box by using the Windows + R button. 
  • Enter ‘Services.msc’ in the window. 
  • Click on the ok button. 
  • Scroll down & click on the WLAN services
  • Press the Reboot button. 

9. Reinstall The WIFI Driver – 

Sometimes, wifi is not working on the Asus laptop because of the driver issue. Apparently, your wifi driver is corrupted, or some files are missing. So you have to uninstall the wifi driver. 

uninstall the wifi driver
  • Open the device manager
  • Expand network adapter
  • Right-click on the WIFI driver
  • Click on the uninstall device. 
  • Press the delete option. 
  • Now reboot the pc. 

Once you boot up your Asus laptop, it will automatically install the Latest driver into your pc. Now try to access the 

10. Update the Windows – 

When specific Windows files are corrupt or need an update, wifi functionality may temporarily stop working. In that condition, you have to update the Windows OS.

  • Open the settings on windows. 
  • Click on the Windows update
  • Press the check for an update
  • You need to click on the download & install if you see any updates. 

Once you update the windows, you need to restart the Asus notebook again. After that, reconnect it to the wifi. 

11. Factory reset the Pc- 

If the wifi in your asus laptop has stopped working at the moment while earlier it was working correctly. So you have to reset your computer to the date when your pc was working correctly.

factory reset windows

To factory reset the computer, you have to take the help of the following steps.

  • Open the command prompt
  • Type rstrui.exe command. 
  • Press the enter button. 
  • Now select the restore point
  • Click the finish button. 
  • Finally, hit the yes button. 

Bonus Tips to fix Asus laptop no wifi problem- 

If you have tried the above steps, your Asus laptop won’t connect to the WIFI yet. Here are some bonus tips for you: 

12. Reset the WIFI profile- 

Sometimes the Router may be responsible for the Asus laptop not connecting to wifi. In that situation, you should update the wifi profile.

  • Open the Router admin panel
  • Now click on the Wireless settings
  • Erase the Existing network name, Now enter the new name for 2.4 ghz and 5ghz. 
  • Now update the new password. 
  • Hit the apply & ok button. 

13. Change the encryption type – 

If your Asus laptop uses the Aetheroes wireless adapter, it could have difficulty connecting with the WPA-2 enabled network. So you have to go to the wireless settings. Here you need to Switch the encryption type from WPA 2 to WEP. 

Now create a new passphrase. After that, try to connect the Asus laptop. 

14. Faulty Hardware –

If you have tried everything, but your Asus laptop still has no wifi. It means there is a hardware issue. Probably, your wifi adapter is dead. So you need to replace it. You can also use the external wifi adapter on a temporary basis. 

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